What happened to Elizibeth Green? Her missing person case, explained

What happened to Elizibeth Green? Her missing person case, explained

Juab County in Western Utah is a sparsely populated rural countryside covered in hills and low mountains, three hours from the nearest big city. And in April 2024, 21-year-old Elizibeth Green disappeared on her way to start a new job as a rancher in the area.

Once Vanessa Simmons, Greens’ mother, reported her daughter missing, authorities searched Juab County and the ranch where she was headed just minutes away from home, but no trace was found. Green was reportedly on foot when she was last seen, and Utah police pinged her cell phone but got no response, Utah news outlet KUTV reported. Authorities confirmed that Green did not arrive at the ranch that day or contact anyone at the ranch where she was expected to work. There was nothing suspicious on the ranch either.

Elizibeth Green lives with mental health issues

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Elizibeth “Lizzie” Green reportedly has mental health issues, and she has run away in the past, but she would contact her family and return home in about a day. “There’s so many unknowns, unfortunately,’” Vanessa Simmons, Green’s mother, said.

One small clue to what may have happened to Green is she reportedly changed her Venmo and Cashapp PIN the same day she went missing. She had also discussed visiting a friend in Omaha, Nebraska, just a few weeks before she disappeared, her mother said. And she had family in Texas and Illinois, Newsweek reported. “She doesn’t have to come home. I just need to know she’s okay,” Green’s mother added.

“I’m kind of at the point where I think maybe she had somebody pick her up. I just don’t know who that is, or if they actually picked her up, or if they didn’t come, and then she went trying to walk through the desert,” Simmons added. The search warrant states that Green could be held against her will.

The police had also sought access to Green’s devices and social media accounts hoping for some information about where she may have gone, or if she had been in contact with someone before she disappeared, but no additional information has been discovered.

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