Prince Harry is delivered another crushing blow as he accidentally ends King Charles and Prince William’s Royal ‘rivalry’

Prince Harry is delivered another crushing blow as he accidentally ends King Charles and Prince William’s Royal ‘rivalry’

With Prince Harry and his family on the other side of the Atlantic, it might seem like the Royal family is more divided than ever, but actually that’s not entirely true. It’s only really the Duke of Sussex who’s being left out in the cold.

As any The Crown fans will know, the demands of the monarchy often place considerable strain on the familiar relationships of the Royal clan, and that’s definitely been the case between King Charles and his two sons, Harry and heir apparent Prince William. That said, it seems Charles and William have really turned a corner in recent months, and it’s all thanks to Harry. Kind of.

King Charles and Prince William’s mutual problems with Harry have brought them closer than ever

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According to what Royal sources have told The Times, King Charles and Prince William are now perhaps closer than they’ve ever been, or at least have been for years, thanks to the two of them coming together to navigate what has been an incredibly taxing year for the Windsors.

Allegedly, there was once a certain rivalry between the current reigning monarch and the man destined to take over from him, with Charles reportedly once resenting William for being so popular with the public and for appearing at so many events in his stead. That said, with his own illness preventing him from his kingly duties, Charles is believed to have completely turned over a new leaf and is grateful for his eldest son for stepping up in his hour of need.

“If there was ever a green-eyed monster or a sense of rivalry between the two, that is a chapter of the past,” The Times‘ source claimed. “The King sees his son as a useful ally on family matters and increasingly in discharging the duties of nation and state.”

We have seen this play out in action this very weekend, with William dispatched to France to attend the D-Day memorial alongside many global heads of state, including President Biden. Not only is this a taster for William’s own future as king, but it could also be a sign that he will be undertaking other such endeavors as Charles continues to place more and more trust in him.

According to The Times, though, this reconciliation between father and son started long before Charles’ cancer diagnosis. Unsurprisingly, it goes back to Harry and Meghan splitting from the Royal family, with Charles reportedly turning to William to consult with him on “tricky family issues” involving the Sussexes and Prince Andrew — who Charles currently wants to shutter away in Harry and Meghan’s old home.

The two of them coming together to tackle these problems is said to be at the root of their renewed “personal and working relationship.”

While this is nice for Charles and William, his dad and brother growing closer in his absence will no doubt come as yet another blow for Harry, who was just snubbed from a high-society wedding.

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