Is the IRS actually going to send out a $8700 stimulus check?

Is the IRS actually going to send out a $8700 stimulus check?

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of stimulus checks were provided to Americans as a way to try and assist with financial hardship. Flash forward to 2024, and reports of another stimulus check have folks on the edge of their seats.

Following the initial series of stimulus checks sent out back in 2020 and 2021, U.S. citizens have since been wondering whether another round of stimulus checks will be given the green light due to rising gas prices, increased costs of grocery store items, and other expenses that have been affected by inflation.

With the current state of financial burden that many Americans find themselves in, it hardly comes as a major surprise that the majority of folks have their fingers crossed at the possibility of a $8700 stimulus check being approved — so let’s dive in and explore the truth of the matter.

Are Americans going to receive a $8700 stimulus check?

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Much like a similar report of a $1400 stimulus check that was eventually fact-checked and debunked, reports of a $8700 stimulus check being sent out are simply, and unfortunately, false. Despite several media sites reporting this news, the alleged stimulus check has gone unconfirmed and unverified — which makes it certain that this particular check is not set to happen.

Of course, with the current economic state of the country, an extra $8700 would certainly help a variety of families and individual civilians, but neither the IRS nor any statutory body of the U.S. government has confirmed that another stimulus check will be sent out. Unfortunately, these reports being revealed on certain media websites means that the reports are likely fabricated and intended to be click-baity, as well as the reports likely being crafted with AI tools.

So for now, until either the government or the IRS confirms any reports of another stimulus check in the future, it’s best that folks try and avoid scams like this as best as they can.

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