Debate as ‘excessive’ coffee prices hit $8 on public holiday

Debate as ‘excessive’ coffee prices hit $8 on public holiday

Coffees for $8 are the new reality for South Australians enjoying a public holiday outing in restaurants and cafes.

Some expressed discontent over the increased prices, with one describing the expensive caffeine hit as “excessive”. 

The higher costs are attributed to businesses’ efforts to cover the additional penalty rates for staff working on public holidays.

Fourth cafe owner Henry Papatolis shared his perspective on the situation.

“We gotta come up with another $500-$600 a week just for our backend,” he said.

He explained that the rising cost of living had not deterred customers but rather influenced their spending habits. 

“They’re definitely sticking to the one coffee and not going for a juice and a smoothie and not adding sides onto their breakfasts, just because they’re money conscious,” he said.

At Yolk Cafe in Walkerville, customers didn’t seem too bothered by the surcharges, which were clearly displayed on the menu. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission allows businesses to set their own surcharges, provided they are prominently displayed on menus or within the venue. 

This flexibility lets them make decisions based on their circumstances, while customers can choose establishments that align with their preferences and budget.

Some businesses have chosen to absorb additional costs, offering customers an alternative option. 

“If you don’t want to do it on a long weekend and do it when it’s cheaper that’s fine, but you want to go out on a long weekend don’t be miserable and just go out and enjoy it,” consumer Richard Johnson said.

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