Bad Bunny’s naughty wardrobe malfunction with backup dancer got awkward fast

Bad Bunny’s naughty wardrobe malfunction with backup dancer got awkward fast

Many of us have experienced embarrassing wardrobe moments, but Bad Bunny just went through a very awkward and public wardrobe malfunction on stage. It didn’t happen only to him, either, as it put him in a naughty position with one of the backup dancers.

Bad Bunny is one of the most celebrated Latin singers, and his songs draw millions and millions of listeners. The Puerto Rican singer also has good things going on for him in his personal life, as he is dating a very popular model: Kendall Jenner. The two of them had an on-and-off situation for a while, and the most recent update is that they’re back together.

Bad Bunny’s crazy moves ripped one of the backup dancer’s tights

During a concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny and one of his backup performers, Kiara Yamilette Rodríguez Saldívar, got caught in a compromising position. While he performed his song “Perro Negro,” Kiara twerked against the singer, and the back of her tights got stuck to the front of his pants. The two of them struggled to untangle, leading to a pretty uncomfortable moment. Bad Bunny seemed irritated by the mishap, throwing his hands in the air as he couldn’t get away. However, he smiled a few seconds later as he walked away and continued performing, as seen in a different video on TikTok.


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Kiara, on the other hand, seemed to shake it off easily. The dancer laughed it off on social media, releasing a short clip of the incident, and adding a picture of her ripped tights. She wrote on top of the photo, “RIP dance tights.” The two continued working together for a different concert the next day, this time, with no awkward wardrobe malfunctions. “See you tonight PR,” Kiara wrote on Instagram Stories before the next show, “with new stockings obviously.”

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