All BADVILLAIN members, ages, and more

All BADVILLAIN members, ages, and more

BADVILLAIN is the new fifth-generation girl group in the ever-evolving K-pop scene. The seven-member group, managed by Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM), officially made its debut on June 3, 2024, with their single album OVERSTEP

Before their debut, the group released two singles “Hurricane” and “82,” both of which captured global attention. Since their debut, their track “BADVILLAIN” has already garnered over 10 million views. They’re the second group under BPM Entertainment and have already begun to gain clout for its style and concept. Here’s a look at all the members of this new bubbling girl group.


Song Hyemin, also known as Emma, was born on April 26, 2000, and is currently 24 years old. Known for her dynamic dance skills and powerful rap, she is the main dancer and rapper of the group. Emma grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and is fluent in English and Korean. She began dancing at the age of 16, and participated in Street Woman Fighter as part of the dance crew WANT. This has already garnered her a significant fanbase, and BADVILLAIN is now expanding her reach globally. 

Chloe Young

Chloe Young was born on Oct. 31, 2001, and brings her charisma and precision to BADVILLAIN. She is currently 22 years old, and is the rapper of the group. Chloe Young honed her practical dance skills at SOPA High School. Before joining BADVILLAIN, she established herself as a choreographer, working at renowned dance studios such as 1MILLION Dance Studio, 7HILLS Dance Studio, JustJerk Dance Academy, Prepix Dance Studio, and YGX


Kim Inhye, also known as HU’E, was born on Nov. 20, 2003, in Incheon, South Korea, and is the group’s main vocalist. The 20-year-old was a contestant on the reality competition My Teenage Girl, but was eliminated in the semifinals because the show tallied votes from a month prior. Despite the limited screen time, her exceptional vocal, rapping, and dancing skills garnered her substantial popularity. HU’E currently attends AVEC Music Academy.  


Jeong Ina was born on June 8, 2004, in Sydney, Australia, and is currently 19 years old. She is the group’s rapper and dancer. INA is known for her enthusiastic personality and creative spirit. Her international background and vibrant energy contribute to the group’s global appeal​. Before debuting with BADVILLAIN, she attended a dance school to hone her dance skills. 


Born on July 3, 2004, in Seoul, South Korea, Kim Yunseo stands out as a vocalist and rapper of the group. She is currently 19 years old. Yunseo was once a participant in the survival show My Teenage Girl, and secured the second position for garnering the highest number of hearts. Before joining BPM Entertainment, she was also a trainee at renowned entertainment agencies such as YG Ent., SM Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment. As one of the taller members of BADVILLAIN, Yunseo brings strong visuals and stage presence to the group. 


Choi Seobin, also known as Vin, was born on Nov. 27, 2004, in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. She is currently 19 years old and is the vocalist of the group. She is the younger sister of Choi Bomin from the K-pop boy group Golden Child. Vin studied at Neungsil Middle School and Youngshin Girls’ High School. She has also danced at MOVE Dance Studio. After training for one year and five months, she debuted with BADVILLAIN.


The youngest member and vocalist of the group, Ha Soyeon, also known as Kelly, was born on June 16, 2006. She is currently 17 years old, but despite her young age, her talent and dedication have already made her a fan favorite. Kelly received training in dance at Def Dance Skool. She successfully cleared auditions at Interpark Music, n.CH Entertainment, and SWING Entertainment before becoming a part of BPM Entertainment. Kelly’s youthful energy and fresh perspective are vital to the group’s dynamic​

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