10 Father’s Day gifts for dads who want the latest tech

10 Father’s Day gifts for dads who want the latest tech

Is your dad one of those dads who like the shiniest, newest technology? Well, we’ve got a list of 10 gadgets and gizmos he’s sure to love. There’s something for Apple product dads, gamers, cameramen and everything in between.

On our list are budget-friendly options all the way up to top-tier technology for anyone looking to splurge on their dad’s gift this year.

You can get most of the items on our list in just 24 hours if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can join or start a 30-day free trial to start your shopping today.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s most impressive iPad yet. It’s the thinnest model available and has the highest specs. You can get the newest iPad Pro from Amazon or Best Buy.

Printing the old-fashioned way has become a bit outdated, but if your dad frequently needs to print, a smartphone printer is a better option. It’s small, mobile and can print all kinds of pictures and documents. Grab one from Amazon or Best Buy for under $100.

Is your dad a gamer? If he is, a mobile gaming controller helps him take all his favorite games on the road. A smartphone fits easily in between the controllers and turns the phone into a gaming console. Find an iOS controller from Amazon or an Android option from Walmart.

Virtual reality is an up-and-coming technology any tech buff will want to get in on. The Meta Quest 2 is one of the newest models on the market and provides a realistic, all-encompassing gaming and viewing experience. Both Best Buy and Amazon have Meta Quest 2 sets available.

Give your dad the gift of safety this year. A smart lock deadbolt uses your fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock your door, making it more secure than a traditional lock. Amazon and Lowes have smart lock options.

iPhones are so advanced that they work almost as well as professional-level cameras. A camera lens kit specifically designed for your smartphone can help you take your pictures up a notch. You can get an 11-piece set from Amazon or a professional-grade set of three from Sandmarc.

A unique gift, an endoscope that attaches to your smartphone, can help dads who work on their cars or computer monitors. There’s a light attached to the end of the endoscope for easy viewing in hard-to-reach places. Amazon and Walmart have options for iPhones and Androids. 

Those who really want to splurge should consider monitor extenders. They turn your dad’s laptop into three separate monitors, helping him work more efficiently, game better and watch his favorite shows all at once. 

Tech sites like Xebec and Mobile Pixels sell monitor extenders for a few hundred dollars.

A mini projector is the perfect gift for dads who like to camp or just relax outside, but don’t want to miss the game or their favorite TV shows. These projectors often connect to your phone and easily project shows and movies onto a bigger screen. 

Amazon has a projector your dad can fit right into his pocket. Best Buy also has a mini, wireless projector that easily fits in a small bag.

Bird watching is gaining in popularity, and there’s no easier way to see the birds that visit your yard than a smart bird feeder. The feeders have a camera attached and an app you can download, so your dad can see all the birds that stop at the feeder. Find smart bird feeders on Amazon or Walmart.

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