‘It must be preserved at all costs’: New building owners discover jaw-dropping ‘Star Wars’ bathroom in the middle of empty facility

‘It must be preserved at all costs’: New building owners discover jaw-dropping ‘Star Wars’ bathroom in the middle of empty facility

After purchasing a new building, a TikTok user has sent the sci-fi community into meltdown. Cornbread Hemp revealed he was part of a group that bought and moved into the unspecified facility, which housed an unbelievable surprise.

In a video that’s gone viral, he begins by asking the TikTok community: “What is going on?” before delving into the building itself. He primarily describes the property as “pretty empty” and “a construction site with literal rubble” until he gets to the fantastic room at its center.

The building houses an incredible Star Wars-themed bathroom with some pretty cool features. They include a door with “Jedi” written on it, a tiled mosaic shower with images of characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker on it, colored lighting (seemingly reflecting the different colored lightsabers in the Star Wars universe), movie posters, lightsabers above the sinks, and lifesize helmets belonging to characters like Darth Vader and Poe Dameron.

To say it’s not the kind of thing you expect to discover in an otherwise derelict building would be a colossal understatement. Naturally, TikTok users — particularly the ones who are fans of the massively popular sci-fi franchise — had much to say about it.

What was the reaction like on TikTok?


Not what we were expecting to find during the remodel… If anyone has any ideas on why this is here of what we should do with it LET US KNOW #literal #construction #remodel #officefinds #office #literally

♬ original sound – Cornbread Hemp

There were many compliments, with a user called suckisloser427 saying: “that tile work is awesome.” Ian.Wrobel said, “Honestly it’s a vibe. I’d keep the Star Wars bathroom for whatever your brand is.” User #gmalife said, “Now that’s some awesomeness right there!!”

Countless users were keen to encourage the building’s new owners to preserve the bathroom, with Jace Priamo saying, “you better not wreck that tiling lol.” User Culinologistbjb said, “PLEASE Preserve this historical site.” A user called January commented, “I’m not a Star wars fan, but don’t you dare touch that.”

One user, named barkurki, claimed to have worked in the building previously and said, “Yooooo! That’s my old office space.” Cornbread Hemp replied, “We’re honored to take it over.”

Doe Zantamata pinpointed the reason for the bathroom’s bizarre placement, commenting, “he wasn’t allowed to have it at home.” Cornbread Hemp also replied to this one, saying, “this could very well be it.”

Image via TikTok / Cornbread Hemp

User Jeffrey Owens asked the question everyone really wanted to ask: “Why doesn’t every building have a bathroom like this?”

Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone and user Jorge Leal557 commented with despondency, saying, “Disappointed the theme song isn’t playing when you walked in thou.”

Suffice it to say that most people — especially Star Wars fans — would commit unspeakably evil acts reminiscent of iconic villains like Darth Sidious and Grand Admiral Thrawn to own a bathroom like this. Here’s hoping Cornbread Hemp and his colleagues don’t get rid of it.

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