Who is the Nashville cop who appeared in an OnlyFans video?

Who is the Nashville cop who appeared in an OnlyFans video?

Police officers have a right to do whatever they want to when they’re off duty — within reason. But in April 2024, one Nashville cop tested the limits of what he can do in his spare time, and it got him fired.

In an OnlyFans video called Can’t Believe He Didn’t Arrest Me posted that month, an adult content creator named Jordin is pulled over in a traffic stop. There’s a guy with Jordin in the car, holding a camera. He scolds Jordin for driving too fast, and she tells him she’ll expose herself to the officer and get out of the ticket. The uniformed officer approaches the car, and Jordin does just that after telling the officer she doesn’t have her license and registration. At first, the cop is unimpressed, but then she offers to let the policeman touch her, and he lets her off with a warning.

You can’t see the cop’s face or badge in the video, but eagle-eyed viewers spotted what they thought was the Metro Nashville Police patch in the footage. Based on that alone, someone reported the video to the Nashville police, and the policeman was identified, NewsChannel5 reported.

Which cop appeared in the OnlyFans video?

via Levi Ismail/NewsChannel5 Nashville/Instagram

Sean Herman was the Nashville police officer who appeared in the OnlyFans video, and he reportedly knows Jordin and the other man in the video and agreed to be in Jordin’s skit. Once Herman was caught, he was promptly fired. ” .. [T]hat was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do and, by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency,” Metro Nashville Police spokesperson Don Aaron said when Herman’s firing was announced.

According to the New York Post, a woman identifying as Jordin wrote on Reddit, “[The video] was a stunt and totally consensual and private property,” and Herman was off-duty, she said. “The fact they fired him is stupid,” she added.

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