What is ‘The Resident’ season 7 release date?

What is ‘The Resident’ season 7 release date?

For six seasons, fans have enjoyed the high-stakes interpersonal and medical drama inherent in The Resident, a television series that first aired on Fox before recently landing on Netflix.

The drama — which follows a group of young doctors learning the ropes under the tutelage of seasoned senior resident Conrad Hawkins (played by Matt Czuchry) — has found renewed success on Netflix, last month cracking the streamer’s top 10 most-watched list in the US. Those who have already watched The Resident should be across the show’s wildest moments (and even wilder medical cases) and might be ready to binge the sixth and most recent season. If you’re all caught up on the highs and lows of Conrad and the gang — rounded out by Nic (played by Emily VanCamp), Devon (Manish Dayal) and Randolph (Bruce Greenwood) — here’s everything we know about The Resident’s season seven release date. 

What is The Resident’s season 7 release date?

New fans of The Resident will be saddened to learn that the show’s sixth season is actually its last. Fox announced the cancellation of the long-running drama in April 2023 following a dip in ratings. The Resident’s sixth season was its shortest-ever and encompassed just 13 episodes, though the series overall reached the coveted 100-episode mark. 

While the series’ end was somewhat abrupt (showrunners admitted prior to the cancellation that its fate was unknown), the season 6 finale ties up most loose ends for longtime fans. Since, at the time, they didn’t know if The Resident would be renewed, executive producer Andrew Chapman and series creator Amy Holden Jones have said they crafted the finale “that would give closure.” 

That sense of closure came in multiple forms throughout season six, from Conrad finally confessing his love for Billie (played by Jessica Lucas) to Randolph progressing his career with Devon, and Devon proposing to Leela (played by Anuja Joshi). Elsewhere, The Resident tied up narrative threads around Ian’s (Andrew McCarthy) addiction and James and Cade’s life after their respective break ups. 

While it won’t ever see the light of day, Chapman said a seventh season of The Resident would have followed Devon and Leela’s wedding and Ian’s journey to sobriety. Thankfully, viewers can still get their medical drama fix on Fox with Doc, an as-yet unreleased show that was ordered straight to series in 2024. 

The Resident adds to a growing list of cancelled Fox shows, with titles like The Exorcist, Lucifer, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine all getting the axe in recent years. Fortunately for those of you haven’t seen it yet, you can binge it all right now on Netflix.

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