As the back-and-forth squabble in U.S. politics continues to increase, we have once again been reminded that there is still nothing we can do about the impending election at the tail end of 2024.

Of course, we were further reminded after it was announced that President Joe Biden and Republican opponent (and former president) Donald Trump will square off on national television in the first round of live debates on June 27th, 2024. Without a doubt, the event will surely aid undecided voters in regards to the decision-making we all must do to choose this November and lead this country forward or backwards; however you want to look at it.

The showdown is historically early, reports CNN, although when it comes to these two candidates, the surprises are seemingly endless. President Biden recently accepted the invitation and mentioned his choice to go forward with the election on X, releasing a video stating that “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020,” in the process. “Since then,” Biden continued, “he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me. Well make my day, pal,” Biden says in the video. “I heard you’re free Wednesdays,” a statement that takes aim at Trump’s current legal troubles and highlights the particular days he is to appear in court.

As to be expected, Trump certainly did not mince words with Biden in response to the debate. Late last night, Trump took shots at the current Commander and Chief with a post on Trump’s Truth Social website. The post, available to read below, speaks for itself:

The pair of candidates have also agreed to a second debate with ABC to air live on Sept. 10th, so the fun is just getting started. A vice presidential debate is also scheduled by July, not long after Trump officially picks his running mate. Additionally, the Trump campaign has taken aggressive action to get a debate started as early as possible. This, coming from a source close to CNN, is due to the fact that early voting is to take place not long after the first debate. The Trump campaign wants the former president fresh in people’s minds during that phase of the election.

These next six months are critical for both campaigns and the future of America. Trump is in attack mode, but Biden seems ready to answer the call. And, for those that remember fondly, the two definitely gave us a show back in 2020. Biden made crowds of Democrats leap up and cheer as he hit Trump with a line that many who oppose him always wanted to say: “Will you shut up, man.” Trump came in confident and cool, thinking Biden had not had his act together, and even mentioned the Proud Boys, a far-right North American militant organization — a moment that moderate Republicans thought was not a good move.

Since the surge of social media use and content creation by brands, whether in business or politics, it is safe to say that a presidential debate now gets looked at like a heavy-weight title fight. Who we elect is a mirror image of who we are, or at least want to be, as a country.

Our selections, despite some thinking they’re out of touch with common Americans, are still just that, and it shows in the social media war-of-words. We’re a society that goes on the attack of what we don’t see eye-to-eye with, and right now, and for the next half of the year, we are going to see it escalate between two old men who believe they can help America.

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