‘Take that degree and run!’: Female student who witnessed Harrison Butker’s offensive graduation speech hits back at his ‘horrible’ comments

‘Take that degree and run!’: Female student who witnessed Harrison Butker’s offensive graduation speech hits back at his ‘horrible’ comments

By now, you’ve probably already heard Harrison Butker’s awful college speech. You know, the one where he told a bunch of graduating women that they should just become “homemakers.” Well, one of the women in attendance has shared what it was like to be there in person.

Responding on TikTok, “susi.leisigang” (Susannah) provided us with her own thoughts on Butker’s speech as well as sharing the general reactions the people around her had at the time. She was not a big fan of the American football kicker’s views claiming that “it was f***ing horrible,” and yeah, we kind of got that feeling too just from watching the videos floating about online.


Respuesta a @Kiki Thank you to everyone congratulating me it means so much butkercommencentspeech benedictinecollege

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Susannah also confirms there were a few other sane people in the crowd who booed at the end, including herself and her roommate. However, for the most part, it seems like many people who were there agreed as Butker actually got a standing ovation from a majority of those in attendance. The crowd was a mixture of men and women, and as you can imagine, many of the women did not cheer, but apparently a lot of the men did.

A lot of the men were like “f*** yeah,” they were excited, but it was horrible. Most of the women were looking back and forth at each other like “what the fuck is going on?” Like did he just come here to speak about politics?

The speech did take place at a Catholic college with more conservative values, but even so, I wouldn’t think cheering for someone who just said women should be content as housewives is conservative; I’d say that’s medieval. It’s weird to think that so many people would wholeheartedly agree with Butker’s views especially when they are so overtly sexist; yet here we are.

The comments were equally as shocked by the responses to Butker’s speech, although there were also plenty of words of encouragement directed towards Susannah and her future.

He got a standing ovation…that breaks my heart

Congratulations Susannah! Hey that you had to experience that on your special day! Unfortunately that’s the world we live in so remember your worth and continue to chase your dreams!

Congrats!!! I pray your career is everything you dreamed of and more!!!

It looks like Butker could learn from these comments, as all he needed to do was congratulate the students and wish them the best for their future. Instead, he decided to make it about him and bring his own politics into what should have been a celebration. As for Susannah, she revealed that she’ll be going on to work for a magazine company doing graphic design, and definitely not limiting herself to just being a homemaker.

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