Stray Kids world tour 2024 dates, tickets, and more

Stray Kids world tour 2024 dates, tickets, and more

It’s official! Stray Kids are going on tour. The Korean boy band announced the news live on Good Morning America on Wednesday, May 15, effectively sending their entire fanbase into overdrive.

“Pretending I didn’t hear a stray kids world tour announcement for my own mental and financial stability,” one fan shared on X. A sentiment that many other Stays shared. Seriously, why are concert tickets so expensive these days?

Where are Stray Kids going on their 2024 world tour?

PROMOTION | A Stray Kids advertisement aired during the GMA commercial break, discussing the release of their new single and the website for tour updates upon its release @Stray_Kids

— SeungBase (@SeungminBase) May 15, 2024

Stray Kids’ label, JYP, had previously teased a “global stadium tour in 2024” for the band, which is now seeming more and more likely. Felix, the Korean-Australian rapper of the group, told GMA’s Lara Spencer that it’s been “so long since they prepared something so big.” Those last two words have fans dreaming about a proper world tour, covering more continents other than Asia and North America.

Unfortunately, however, there have been no official announcements about what countries the “God’s Menu” singers will be visiting this year. The U.S., South Korea, and most likely Japan are almost guaranteed to be a part of the list.

Outside of the tour, Stray Kids had already announced a few festival concerts happening in 2024:

Milan’s I-Days Milano Coca-Cola on July 12

London’s BST Hyde Park on July 14

Chicago’s Lollapalooza on August 4

When are the tickets for the Stray Kids 2024 World Tour going on sale?

There is no information about ticket sales for now. The band has put up a website where people can subscribe to a newsletter that will keep them updated on the latest news. You can buy tickets for the festivals mentioned above on Ticketmaster right now.

On that same website, fans have noticed that the tour will happen in collaboration with Live Nation and BubbleUp. Live Nation is familiar to any concertgoer as the company that manages most concerts on an international scale. Concert tickets for Live Nation shows are always sold through Ticketmaster too, so get ready for that headache.

BubbleUp, on the other hand, specializes in building fan clubs and membership communities, among other things. Fans have speculated that this means a pre-sale reserved for members of Stray Kids’ official fan club might become available ahead of the general ticket rollout. Stray Kids hosted a fan club recruitment event back in January 2024, and now Stays are worried those who did not sign up for it then will not be able to enjoy the perks of an early, exclusive pre-sale. All of this is speculative, though, so don’t lose hope!

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