Police release video of allegedly stolen car swerving through streets

Police release video of allegedly stolen car swerving through streets

Police have released dramatic aerial footage of five teenagers in an allegedly stolen car driving through busy Townsville streets before crashing into another car and fleeing the scene.

The video shows a Toyota dangerously overtaking on a busy road before crashing into a Ford Falcon, sending them crashing into a bank, at an intersection about 6.30pm yesterday in North Queensland.

The footage then shows five people running in all different directions away from the scene and police chasing them over fences and fields.

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The car was allegedly stolen from South Townsville on Sunday.

Acting Superintendent Dean Cavanagh said police were tracking the vehicle so they could respond immediately.

”As a result, before we actually utilised any tyre deflation devices or had any covert action with that vehicle, it crashed,” Cavanagh said.

“Unfortunately, it did crash into a member of the public in Townsville and there were two people in that vehicle.

“Thankfully they weren’t seriously hurt.”

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Cavanagh alleged the stolen car was travelling on the wrong side of the road before it crashed with the members of the public.

“We had aerial support already in place tracking that vehicle, we utilised drones and the helicopter, we had the Dog Squad on screen who were able to do the foot track where we needed them.”

A 14-year-old girl, a 17-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy have been charged. All were known to police.

Two of the teenagers faced court today.

Cavanagh said they had identified the other two alleged offenders and were now searching for them.

The POLAIR helicopter has been a permanent part of Townsville policing since January.

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