Lauren ‘I didn’t go to my son’s court date’ Boebert spent a full day talking about gagging, because what else would she be doing?

Lauren ‘I didn’t go to my son’s court date’ Boebert spent a full day talking about gagging, because what else would she be doing?

Is there a more embarrassing politician than Lauren Boebert?

The Republican Party has spent the last few years becoming more and more unhinged as it contorts itself into a Donald Trump-shaped institution, and as a result, each of its members seems to become as dangerously ill-informed and angry as the orange leader himself. Yet, when it comes to this contortion of reality and decency, few have reached the heights of Boebert, nor been so consistent in their buffoonery.

Fresh from ignoring her son’s court date, and just months after she and a date were removed from a performance of Beetlejuice because the politician was vaping and groping her companion in the very public theater, Boebert is back with a vengeance.

The politician had a quiet few months after she nearly lost her seat at the last election. The race between the incumbent Boebert and her Democratic challenger was incredibly close, which is no mean feat considering it was in a part of Colorado that’s so red it could be Mars. However, she has recently switched districts and is in the middle of being primaried, and if she wins it will be an easy return to Congress. So, it seems she has her wind in her sails, and is back in the news because of the ridiculous things she says or posts online, instead of because of her criminal family or her own criminal behavior.

One of her recent tweets laments the fact that Donald Trump is currently under a gag order. The former Apprentice host and alleged wearer of adult diapers was ordered by a judge to stop attacking people related to one of the many, many legal cases Trump is currently embroiled in. Trump, who famously has the intellect, temperament, and vocabulary of an angry toddler, has broken the order numerous times. Yet he remains a free man, which many believe is indicative of America’s broken, two-tiered justice system.

They may have gagged President Trump.

They didn’t gag me.

They didn’t gag the rest of us.

Why is that fraud Michael Cohen allowed on TikTok with a shirt of Trump behind bars but Trump can’t speak out?

Why is Merchan’s daughter allowed to fundraise for every Democrat under the…

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) May 16, 2024

However, for a number of conservatives, their de facto dictator having to face even the most minute of consequences is a sin akin to sexually abusing children. Except, you know, Trump did that too, and they claim it never happened. Boebert’s post mentions the gag order, and references herself as not having “been gagged.” Given her previous exhibitionary and inappropriate behavior, it’s not hard to see why this led to a slew of jokes at her expense.

Lauren Boebert finally telling the truth regarding her gag reflex

Easily able to handle 3 foot long hotdogs simultaneously.

— cjmmn (@ChuckCjmmn) May 16, 2024

Of course, instead of defending Trump, Boebert could have been supporting her son, who last month was arrested and bailed out after a petty crime spree. Then again, if she was a decent mother, he might not have ended up in court in the first place. Really, she and Trump deserve each other.

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