‘It’s literally just a crawfish’: Women descend into hysterics when crustacean comes to say hello, but the little guy gets the last laugh

‘It’s literally just a crawfish’: Women descend into hysterics when crustacean comes to say hello, but the little guy gets the last laugh

Crawfish are interesting little crustaceans but they aren’t exactly threatening to the average person; despite this one tiny crawfish was able to send two women into hysterics.

I suppose if a crawfish randomly appeared in front of you like some sort of Pokémon it would be a little bit alarming purely due to how unexpected such an encounter would be. In a hilarious video posted to TikTok by “makaleeowens3” two women cross paths with a crawfish who seems to be squaring up to the two humans despite the obvious size difference, or maybe its arms are just open to give them a big hug?

The real question is where did the crawfish come from? In case you didn’t know, most crawfish are freshwater animals meaning it would have had to have walked from a pond or river, or maybe it managed to escape from a restaurant before it was boiled and eaten. Either way the reaction to this tiny creature makes for an entertaining video as the woman behind the camera gives us a closer look at it before freaking out and vowing to sweep it away. Do you think this crawfish is aware of the effect it has on women?

The video cuts before we see who won in the brutal conflict between broom and crawfish, but my money’s on the crawfish; the crustacean’s confident stance and amazing form definitely suggest it was ready to throw hands. Anyways, the video has sort of resulted in the little guy basically becoming a viral sensation with the comments all making memes about the critter.

“BOW BEFORE ME” ahhh crawfish

“WHERES MY HUG AT” Ahhhh crawfish

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” ahh crawfish

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you there are literally thousands of comments underneath this video all in the same sort of vein as the above. This little crawfish has practically become a legend now with the video itself receiving over 5 million likes and almost 30 million views in less than a week! So yeah, this little guy definitely got the last laugh as the myth of the crawfish that dueled with the broom will surely be passed down for generations to come.

So where is the legendary crustacean today? Nobody knows. Well, we kind of do as we got an update video where it turns out the two women were able to sweep up the crawfish and relocate it to some wetlands.

Legend has it the crawfish still stalks around those wetlands looking for a new human challenger who is brave enough to face it in combat.

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