How tall is Chappell Roan?

How tall is Chappell Roan?

You may or may not have heard of rising pop star Chappell Roan, but chances are she’ll be everywhere pretty soon. The 26-year-old pop sensation has been releasing music since she was 17 years old and every year she inches closer and closer to ubiquity.

She had a huge career surge when she opened for pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo earlier this year and also performed at Coachella. With all this attention, people want to know everything about her and her life, including how tall she is. Hint: not very.

Every artist has an origin story, and Roan’s is one that’s particularly of its time. Like a number of pop stars before her, Roan initially got attention by uploading covers of songs to the video-sharing site YouTube, quickly transitioning to her own songs and now mainstream success.

Her height

So, how tall is she? Well, Roan wears really high heels so it can be hard to tell, but it’s been (kind of) confirmed that she’s either 5’2 or 5’3 inches tall. This information comes from a number of sources. One person said “When I met her at one of her meet and greets, she was only like an inch taller than me and I’m 5’1” so it makes sense she’s 5’2”! I didn’t realize she was so short like me at first haha.”

Here’s another claim that cites the same height from X.

5’2″ really is that one height where you know you’re not tall but people think you are

— i sus ella (@IsselaSantina) May 5, 2024

Despite the small stature, she feels larger than life when she performs – the sign of a true talent, even if it’s coming from such a small person.

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