Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos’ biggest pet peeve might make some of her impending suitors run for the hills

Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos’ biggest pet peeve might make some of her impending suitors run for the hills

As fans of the Bachelor franchise likely know by now, Joan Vassos — one of the women who fought for Gerry Turner‘s heart on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor — is going to be our first Golden Bachelorette, looking for love on our television screens for the second time.

Having left in the third week of the beloved competition series to head home to Maryland for a family emergency — which we later learned during the “Women Tell All” was her daughter’s struggle with postpartum depression — Joan showed true compassion, elegance, and grace during her short-lived stint on The Golden Bachelor. Nonetheless, since her time on our television screens was so brief, fans of the franchise were left with dozens of questions about the Golden Bachelorette herself. Fortunately, Bachelor Nation has us covered with all of the answers.

In a goofy game of 20 questions, Joan allowed readers to get to know her on a deeper (and sillier) level — sharing her celebrity crush, her hidden talent, and her favorite emoji in said interview — but one response that caused our ears to perk up was her biggest pet peeve. Believe it or not, this pet peeve can ultimately impact her ability to find her perfect match, as it proves that she is picky when it comes to the type of men she wants to date.

What is this pet peeve exactly, and could it cause her impending suitors to run for the hills?

What is Joan Vassos’ biggest pet peeve?

We might have been being a bitttt dramatic (guilty as charged), but Joan’s biggest pet peeve is still something that might knock some of her suitors out of the running. To put it simply, the men fighting for her heart on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelorette better have their listening ears — or should we say their hearing aids? — turned on at all times! Joan revealed:

“My biggest pet peeve is people who don’t listen… from those who always need to be the center of attention to people who look through you or interrupt when you are speaking.”

Based on the clear confidence in her response, it sounds like active listening is a big thing for Joan, so hopefully some of her suitors can oblige. If not, they might be leaving the Golden Bachelorette mansion faster than they can lean in and say, “What?”

Nonetheless, we seriously cannot wait to see who said suitors are, as well as everything that the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelorette has to offer. Given how sensational The Golden Bachelor was — despite having a not-so happy ending, with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist splitting shortly after their televised Golden Wedding — we expect this highly-anticipated spin-off series to be equally as exquisite. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t involve any divorce…

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