Beaver dam break in Bancroft causes major flooding

Beaver dam break in Bancroft causes major flooding

A town roughly 100 kilometres northeast of Peterborough is cleaning up after a major flood.

Jake Krupa, manager of infrastructure and capital projects for the Town of Bancroft, said that a beaver dam up on a hill “let go” sometime between 5 and 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, resulting in a “large amount of water flowing down behind the homes on Woodview Lane,” which is north of Bridge Street East (Highway 28) and east of Hastings Street North (Highway 62).

Krupa said that a number of residences along with a nearby park were affected.

He also noted that adjacent road was damaged, but will be repaired in the coming weeks.

Some nearby infrastructure was also undermined, said Krupa, adding that the flooding did not impact the town’s water treatment plant.

“We’re just dealing with the cleanup today,” he said.

A number of roads in the area were closed due to the flooding, but most have been reopened.

In a post on Facebook, the town urged nearby residents to “exercise caution until water recedes.”

Cavelle Sibley, the property manager at Woodview Lane, a non-profit housing corporation in North Hastings that was impacted by the flooding, told CTV News Toronto that the amount of water she saw coming was “frightening,” especially for children in the area.

She said that while the water caused significant damage, all items affected could be replaced or repaired.

“Everybody is safe,” Sibley said, adding she expects Bancroft will be “open for business” this long weekend and expects to welcome back all seasonal guests.

“Unfortunately, we have lots of beavers and other wildlife and I’ve heard lots of comments about blame. There’s no way that anybody can stay on top of all the beavers, the dams, and where they’re building homes,” she said.

“It’s just an unavoidable situation and I’m very grateful that we fared as well as we did.”

Andy Crawford of telecom service provider Northern Rural Net said that the flooding heavily impacted the apartment of one of their employees.

He said that “well-over three feet of water in some parts” filled the parking lot of that building within about half an hour of the dam break.

He said that the town provided them with sandbags and pumped out the water as the storm drain was overflowing.

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