Alleged gun and drug traffickers snared after $2.5m seizure

Alleged gun and drug traffickers snared after $2.5m seizure

Police warn more arrests are likely after a months-long operation saw more than $2.5 million worth of drugs seized in Brisbaneand put five people before the courts.

The operation, Victor Ludacris, sought to disrupt syndicates involved in trafficking meth, GHB, and guns.

In the past seven months, police carried out 14 search warrants in Brisbane’s north, including against an alleged major drug laboratory.

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Police also seized $2.5 million in drugs, including 450kg of GBH, 168 litres of butadeniol, 84 lies of hypophosphorus acid, 2.75kg of MDMA, and 300 grams of meth.

Investigators said the precursor drugs could have produced more than 70kg of meth.

They also secured three guns, three explosive devices, 30kg of varied ammo, $100,000 in cash, and commercial-level drug-making equipment.

Since December, detectives have arrested five people, who face a collective total of 74 weapon- and drug-related charges.

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All five, including three men and two women, aged 35 to 41, remain before the courts.

“Operation Victor Ludacris has seen detectives infiltrate strong drug distribution channels across north Brisbane and remove harmful drugs from our streets,” Inspector Ken Rogers said.

“These substances destroy lives, and their removal has a positive effect not only on innocent and vulnerable members of the public, it also can help to reduce drug-induced violence and overdoses.”

The investigation continues and more arrests are likely.

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