Will ‘Vanderpump Rules’ return for a season 12?

Will ‘Vanderpump Rules’ return for a season 12?

When a series manages to make it past 10 seasons, you know it’s got legs. Vanderpump Rules just polished off its eleventh season, and it seems there’s plenty more drama to be found among the ever-popular cast.

Season 11 was as popular as ever, but fans did notice a worrying tonal shift as the season came to a close. In many ways, it carried the feel of a series finale, rather than a season finale, prompting questions about whether or not season 11 will be Vanderpump Rules‘ last.

Is Vanderpump Rules getting another season?

Vanderpump Rules put out its first season in January of 2013, and for more than a decade now its been an easy favorite among reality television fans. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, the show foraged on, shifting gears several times and rearranging its schedule to ensure that, even as other shows went on lengthy hiatuses, Vanderpump Rules was still pumping out content in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

That same workhorse mentality is keeping the show afloat as it soars past that could-be season 11 series finale, and eyes a season 12. The show’s already been renewed for another season, so more is most definitely on its way, but it won’t necessarily come as quickly as fans have come to expect.

Typically, filming for Vanderpump Rules kicks off in the summertime, so the show can follow cast members as they enjoy fun in the sun, travel, and generally do things interesting enough to keep audience members hooked. The shift in schedule is reportedly intended to give the cast a “break” from a filming schedule that, last season, led to a lot of drama.

Season 11 was dominated by Scandoval — a scandal that split the cast in half following revelations about Tom Sandoval’s longterm affair with Rachel Leviss. It led to a contentious season, and one with far too many divides, and it seems Bravo is catching onto viewers’ lukewarm reception to the drama. People don’t show up to watch Vanderpump Rules if they don’t like discord, of course, but they like their drama in nice palatable doses.

The break will see the season 12 filming hiatus last through the summer, which could see the upcoming season’s release schedule pushed back by several months. Delay or no, however, more Vanderpump Rules is most definitely incoming, viewers will just have to be patient as they wait for season 12.

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