‘We live in the Matrix’: Man casually explaining his iron-tight proof that the real world is an illusion will leave you questioning everything

‘We live in the Matrix’: Man casually explaining his iron-tight proof that the real world is an illusion will leave you questioning everything

Every now and then someone on the internet will make an observation that screws with your head, you know, the kind of stuff that makes you “huh, maybe we really are living in a simulation.”

In a video posted to TikTok, one man shared his supposed proof for the fact that we’re living in the Matrix, and it’s kind of hard to deny he’s got a point. Now the popular app is filled with plenty of conspiracy theories, but this one really does make you think. Stood outside shaving his beard while recording a video (as you do), TikTok user “E_jones34” shares his mind blowing thoughts regarding graveyards:

“How come people die all the damn time, but the graveyards are still the same damn size from when I was a damn kid.”

Damn. Now that he mentions it, I can’t stop thinking about how true that is. Surely most of our available space should be taken up by graveyards by now, and yet, they never seem to require more space. We also don’t often get new graveyards opening up despite the fact most of the ones we’ve got look full already.

“Wouldn’t you think in your lifetime you would’ve seen new plots of land being bought for graveyards?” Like it doesn’t make sense.”

Anyways, this is the supposed proof for us living in the Matrix, and it’s a point of view that’s certainly got people talking. The comments were filled with people freaking out over this revelation, which is a pretty fair reaction.

Bro… you can’t do this to me…

Others fed into the conspiracy theory with even more conspiracy theories that were even more disturbing than the initial question.

Wait till you find out what the beef pattys at McDonald’s is made out of.

Think of how many coffins need to be made daily for the amount of death How many coffins a year does a mortician buy?

So, why do graveyards never seem to get any bigger? It’s definitely a question that needs answering, and luckily I did a little digging (pun intended) into why it seems like graveyards never grow despite people dying all the time.

The graveyard conspiracy, explained

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So first of all, why isn’t more land dedicated to graveyards? The answer is pretty simple; it’s not profitable. This is an issue particularly in cities as valuable land that could be used for homes and office blocks for the living would be instead dedicated to the deceased, who obviously aren’t going to work or pay rent. 

So clearly allocating more space for graveyards isn’t a priority, but the problem is we actually are running out of space. According to an article from The Guardian, 55 million people pass away each year, and a lot of those folks are going to end up in the ground. Some countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Singapore have attempted to get around this by recycling graves, but it’s simply not enough. In many countries, the concept is disgusting, but it’s a necessary evil. In the U.S., some cemeteries rent out plots for up to 100 years before reusing, according to perfectmemorials.com. But again, this isn’t solving the problem, only slowing it down a bit.

The fact is, Mr. “E_jones34” is right, graveyards aren’t growing. But it’s not because we’re in the Matrix, it’s because of money. And although it may not seem like there haven’t been any problems yet, there certainly will be in the future. That article from The Guardian warned that cities like London would run out of space in 20-30 years, but that article itself was published almost ten years ago, so really we’re even closer to running out of graveyard space.

Unless you’re mega rich, it’s best to make peace with the fact that you’re probably going to have to be cremated or take some other dead person’s hand-me-downs. Honestly, I think the Matrix theory is less disturbing than the reality we’re stuck with.

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