The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ season 11 reunion part 2 release date, confirmed

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ season 11 reunion part 2 release date, confirmed

Warning: This article contains mention of suicide as well as major spoilers for Vanderpump Rules. Please proceed with caution.

If you thought last season’s Vanderpump Rules reunion was explosive, you’ll be happy to know that the aftermath of Scandoval hasn’t quite died down yet as of the season 11 reunion taping. But first, a quick refresher on the juiciest moments from season 10’s epic reunion just in case it hasn’t been burned into your subconscious.

Former BFFs Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss finally came face-to-face after Raquel’s affair with Ariana’s long-term boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. The confrontation was brutal, with Ariana calling Raquel “disgusting” and “diabolical” for her betrayal. Raquel tried to justify sleeping her best friend’s line-in boyfriend of 10 years, but that obviously didn’t go over well.

When can you watch part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion?

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In a particularly vile moment that I’m sure keeps Sandoval up at night, he hinted at his possibly already deteriorating relationship by mocking Ariana for keeping her clothes on while they slept together. The whole cast went practically feral after that one. And the final bombshell was a candid interview from days later wherein Raquel revealed that the affair had actually been going on a lot longer than anyone knew ⏤ meaning they’d (1) repeatedly lied about not lying and (2) were probably bumping uglies that time Ariana was away for her grandmother’s funeral.

Cut to part 1 of the season 11 reunion that just aired this week. Right off the bat, the tension was palpable as Sandoval admitted he was “nervous” to face Ariana again, and rightfully so (#femalerage). For the most part, Ariana seemed resolved and filled with notably less murderous rage. I’m also happy to report that Katie Maloney didn’t threaten to set anyone on fire, although she did get into it with Lala Kent for a hot second, which will be continued in part 2, apparently.

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As for living situations, Ariana revealed that she FINALLY (thank Christ) moved out and is now renting her own place in LA while spending most of her time in NYC with her new man. Sandoval, meanwhile, is exploring buying a home…with his best friend Tom Schwartz as a roommate. I don’t blame Tom 2.0 either, because who in their right mind would want to pay $10,000 for a mortgage each month? That money is much better spent on buying exotic plants and fancy donuts.

The former flames continued picking at old wounds, with Ariana accusing Sandoval of weaponizing her mental health struggles against her when he mentioned her suicidal threats in response to a suggestions of a breakup in an argument with Scheana Shay last season. Then Sandoval tried defending his previous comments comparing the backlash over his actions to George Floyd’s murder, prompting Andy to advise firing his PR team.

Don’t worry, he explains what he actually meant in the reunion. Basically, he meant there are way more important things that people should be worrying about. Remember, guys, he’s a singer and not a writer or a public speaker.

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There were lighter moments, too, like when James Kennedy apologized for first bringing the “coward” Raquel into their group and essentially being the catalyst to chaos that eventually ensued in all their lives. Lala also gave us some comic relief when discussing her ongoing custody battle, joking that her close pal Scheana would be the one doing all the “heavy lifting” in their throuple friendship when Andy brought up Scheana’s concerns of a Scandoval sequel featuring Lala and Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies .

As for the state of their fractured relationships, Ariana made it clear she’s completely done with Sandoval, so for any delusional people out there that are hoping that just maybe they’ll get back together…I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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With bombshell revelations and confrontations still to come, and two more cast mates joining the set, you won’t want to miss part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion on Tuesday, May 21 at 8pm ET on Bravo. In the meantime, catch up on all the drama from past seasons on Peacock.

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