Joy Behar insists Trump won’t show up to debate Biden: ‘I don’t believe him’

Joy Behar insists Trump won’t show up to debate Biden: ‘I don’t believe him’

“The View” co-host Joy Behar argued Wednesday that former President Trump won’t show up to debate President Biden, despite both candidates agreeing and scheduling debates.

The pair agreed to face each other for two debates — one hosted by CNN on June 27 and another hosted by ABC News on Sept. 10 — with restrictions proposed by Biden’s team, including that there would be no audience. But Behar seemed to misunderstand that Trump agreed to the terms and that the debates were already scheduled.

“It gives him a way to get out of it by saying, ‘Look I’m not doing it without an audience,'” she said.


Behar’s co-hosts told her Trump had already agreed, but she remained skeptical.

“We’ll see when it comes time,” Behar said.

After arguing that the debates would show a clear contrast between “Bozo the Clown” Trump and “statesman” Biden, Behar repeated her claim that Trump would only agree to debate with a live audience present.

“He’s going to stack the audience with Trumpers like he did at that town hall on CNN,” she said.

Behar’s co-hosts again reminded her there would be no live audience for these debates. 


“Oh, wait a minute. I misunderstood,” Behar said. However, after Whoopi Goldberg tried to explain the debate terms again, Behar doubled down on her belief that Trump wouldn’t “go for that.”

“I don’t believe him. He’s the biggest liar,” she shouted. “I know what I was saying.”

Biden’s team requested several additional restrictions for the debates. His team said the debates must be held inside a television studio with just the moderator and candidates present. No third-party candidates would be allowed.

Another rule limits the media outlets who can host the debate to CNN, ABC, CBS or Telemundo.

“It should be hosted by any broadcast organization that hosted a Republican Primary debate in 2016 in which Donald Trump participated, and a Democratic primary debate in 2020 in which President Biden participated — so neither campaign can assert that the sponsoring organization is obviously unacceptable: if both candidates have previously debated on their airwaves, then neither could object to such venue,” the Biden campaign explained.

Each candidate’s mic must also be turned off after their allowed time expires.

“I’m ready to go,” Trump told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. “The dates that they proposed are fine. Anywhere. Anytime. Any place. Let’s see if Joe can make it to the stand-up podium.”

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