‘How did they just sit there silently?’: NFL kicker encourages women to reject their careers and become homemakers at graduation ceremony

‘How did they just sit there silently?’: NFL kicker encourages women to reject their careers and become homemakers at graduation ceremony

2024 is not turning out to be a great year for graduation ceremonies. First, the students of Thomas Jefferson University had their big day ruined by an announcer who murdered every single one of their names (Taamoomay and friends, you have our sympathies). Now, the kids at Benedictine College somehow have it even worse, thanks to NFL kicker Harrison Butker.

Butker, the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, had the honor of giving the commencement speech at a Benedictine graduation ceremony this year, and what he decided to say in that speech truly needs to be heard to be believed. In one jaw-dropping portion that’s going viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons, Butker addresses the female graduates specifically to pass on his “words of wisdom”: ladies, forget about your careers and become wives and mothers instead!

Butker begins by saying that the young women in attendance have had the “most diabolical lies” told to them throughout their lives. “Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world,” he begins, “but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.”


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Butker goes on to speak for his wife, Isabelle, whose “life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother.” He then credits Isabelle for allowing him to become “the man he is today.” While making sure to mention the “talents God has given” him, Butker grows emotional when he says his football success is partially thanks to his wife, who “embraced one of the most important titles of all: homemaker.”

TikTok is as stunned as you would expect by Butker’s egregiously out-of-touch and ridiculously offensive comments. “This is WILD as a graduation speech….do they not vet this stuff?” asked one. Most, though, have another burning question: “how did they just sit there silently i would’ve been booing SOOO loud this is outrageous,” reads one comment, while another asks: “How are people not just booing and screaming! Can you imagine hearing that after 4 years of hard work?”

If you’re wondering, the rest of Butker’s speech was just as toe-curling as this part. As PEOPLE reported, while addressing the male graduates, he encouraged them to “be unapologetic in your masculinity,” and to “fight against the cultural emasculation of men.” Surprising literally no one, Butker also outed his own homophobia in the same speech, blasting the LGTBQ+ community for their “deadly sins.”

This actual douchecanoe even had the audacity to quote Taylor Swift in his speech too. After quoting “familiarity breeds contempt” from Swift’s 2022 song “Bejeweled,” Butker referred to her as “my teammate’s girlfriend.” Because, yes, Taylor’s primary achievement in life is dating Travis Kelce.

Ironically, it might be Butker who has to play househusband soon if the internet’s calls to get the kicker kicked from the Chiefs’ lineup win out. Former Kansas City commissioner Justice Horn has even come forward to denounce Butker’s comments. “Harrison Butker doesn’t represent Kansas City nor has he ever,” he tweeted. “Kansas City has always been a place that welcomes, affirms, and embraces our LGBTQ+ community members.”

But, hey, if Butker is so determined to uphold traditional values maybe he should put his money where his big, fat mouth is. As one comment put it: “I’d send my tuition bill to him if he’s so focused on being a provider.” Cough up, Harrison.

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