Helldivers 2 fans discover secret easy way to take down factory striders

Helldivers 2 fans discover secret easy way to take down factory striders

These things are no joke (Reddit)

There’s a secret, clever method to take down the dreaded Factory Striders in Helldivers 2, leaving fans worried it’ll get nerfed.

Despite creating chaos for Helldivers 2 fans, after demanding players connect to the PlayStation Network – a decision that was later reversed – Sony recently revealed that the live service shooter is its fastest-selling game ever, with 12 million copies sold in 12 weeks.

Part of the reason Helldivers 2 is so popular is because it’s always changing, with new types of enemies, weapons, and missions, that require fans to log on to help democratise space before it’s too late.

One of these formidable foes are the Factory Striders, but a fan has found out which weapon to use against them and where to aim it to take them down much more easily.

A video titled, ‘For anyone still intimidated by the Factory Strider, it has a pretty big weakness,’ has been upvoted 5,300 times on Reddit.

Just to shed some light on how big of a nuisance Factory Striders are first, they’re huge and can take lots of damage, have canons and miniguns to shoot at you, and can drop batches of Devastators into battle.

Instead of relying on an entire team to take them down, poster ExpressDepresso shows that you can do it alone by equipping yourself with an AC-8 Autocannon and firing at the Factory Strider’s stomach section.

It’s so effective that Helldivers 2 fans are worried the gun will get nerfed, with Wolfvidya commenting in the Reddit post, saying:

‘Downvoted so you don’t ruin everybody’s fun by getting this fixed in case it’s a bug.’

byu/ExpressDepresso from discussion

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Developer Arrowhead Studios has been criticised for nerfing too many guns in the past, and it has admitted that its balancing changes have gone too far and that it’s going try and be more cautious in the future.

That could mean the Autocannon stays as powerful as it is, giving Helldivers 2 fans the upper hand in the fight against the Automatons

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