‘Low Tide In Twilight’ Chapter 89 release date confirmed

‘Low Tide In Twilight’ Chapter 89 release date confirmed

Here we are again — two weeks have passed since we last saw Euihyun and Taeju on our screens. Unfortunately, this meant that the hiatus extended to South Korean platforms, leaving us empty-handed when all we wanted was a new Low Tide in Twilight chapter.

Lately, there have also been murmurs around South Korean forums regarding a long hiatus, but we’ll delve into that later. For now, we’re still stuck on chapter 87, where Taeju is seeing red after realizing Euihyun has been kidnapped following a heated argument with Wonyoung. Sadly, however exciting it may be, we’re still frozen in this moment, but here’s all we know about chapter 89 and its release.

When is the Low Tide in Twilight chapter 89 coming out?

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Low Tide in Twilight‘s chapter 89 will likely only be released in June on Bomtoon but the exact date is still unknown. Considering Lezhin readers received a hiatus notification last Monday, it was fair to assume that the same break would extend to the Korean release — which is why we did not get a new chapter last week. And it is also why we will likely not get chapter 88 anytime soon either.

This is due to a hiatus notice that several South Korean fans have mentioned online but has only been announced on the Korean servers. This hiatus is supposed to last about a month, and that could result in the manhwa only returning in June. While we cannot yet confirm if this information is entirely accurate, we can still alert you to the possibility that a hiatus warning may soon appear on Lezhin as well.

Low tide in twilight and lost in the cloud hiatus? So what am i gonna do in my life then??

— miumiu (@Mimi02904200) April 26, 2024

That being said, as usual, Lezhin’s English release lags far behind the South Korean publisher. This means that Low Tide in Twilight chapter 84 will likely also only reach Lezhin in June. Not all is bad, though. Normally, during long hiatuses, many authors release exclusive alternative art and even some character analyses and profiles. So, we’ll surely have something new to enjoy if the hiatus rumors are indeed true. Everyone, say thank you to Euja!

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