‘Baby Reindeer’: Real-life Martha Fiona Harvey says Richard Gadd needs to ‘get a life’ before revealing secret jealousy

‘Baby Reindeer’: Real-life Martha Fiona Harvey says Richard Gadd needs to ‘get a life’ before revealing secret jealousy

Baby Reindeer obsessives finally got the explosive peak behind the (hung) curtains they’ve been waiting for with real-life Martha Fiona Harvey‘s interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The woman who Richard Gadd, creator and star of the hit Netflix show, claims stalked him and went to jail for her crimes has hit back at the Donny Dunn actor in no uncertain terms. So many major revelations came out of the hour-long interview, including Harvey — who says she is a lawyer by profession — confirming that she plans to sue both Gadd and Netflix for making a supposedly autobiographical drama that she claims is a “load of rubbish.”

Fiona Harvey sends Richard Gadd a message: “Leave me alone, please”

Image via Piers Morgan Uncensored/YouTube

To hear Harvey’s version of her past with Gadd, it was he who was the toxic one in their relationship. Harvey essentially denies pretty much everything that happens to Martha in the show is fictional, including that she ever went to jail or even had trouble with the police, although she does admit to certain things — the “hang my curtains” line really did happen, apparently.

That said, according to Harvey, it’s Gadd who is “psychotic” as she accuses him of persecuting her for profit and spreading lies about her to the detriment of her own well-being and safety — Harvey claims to have received death threats. When asked by host Piers Morgan if she has anything to say to Gadd, Harvey stated:  “Leave me alone please, get a life, get a proper job… I am horrified at what you’ve done.”

As Morgan’s conversation with Harvey continued, it became clear that she has a lot of resentment for the fame and success Gadd has received on the back of telling an allegedly fabricated story based on her. “I think they’re milking it for all its worth, for the money,” she argued. As for how much money that is, Harvey speculates elsewhere in the interview that Gadd has earned around £3-4 million for the series. “I find the behavior outrageous,” she declared, regarding her opinion on Gadd supposedly spreading lies about her for personal gain.

Netflix must’ve loved all the eyes Baby Reindeer has brought them, but maybe it won’t enjoy the fallout of the streaming smash if Harvey isn’t lying about she claims.

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