Trial begins of man accused of killing Victorian campers

Trial begins of man accused of killing Victorian campers

Prosecutors will outline their case against an airline captain accused of the double murder of Russell Hill and Carol Clay at a campsite in Victoria’s alpine region.

Greg Lynn, 57, pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and a jury has been empanelled in Melbourne’s Supreme Court ahead of trial openings today.

Twelve jurors and two substitutes have been tasked with deciding whether Lynn is guilty or innocent of the alleged killings.

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Lawyers from both sides will open their case this morning, beginning with Crown prosecutor Daniel Porceddu.

He will allege Lynn, who was an airline captain at Jetstar at the time, murdered Hill and Clay on March 20, 2020, while camping at Bucks Camp in the Wonnangatta Valley.

Lynn is represented by top defence barrister Dermot Dann KC and Michael McGrath.

Following a four-to-six-week trial, the jury will have to come to a unanimous verdict about whether Lynn is guilty of two counts of murder.

If the jury does not find him guilty of murder, it may deliberate on two alternative charges of manslaughter, or find him not guilty of all charges.

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After empanelment yesterday, Justice Michael Croucher told the six women and eight men selected for the jury not to consume any media on the case.

“It’s your role, as the jury, to consider the evidence and decide what the facts are in this case,” he said.

“Your duty is to consider this case using your head, not your heart.”

The judge warned the jurors that they could face criminal charges if they conducted their own research about the trial.

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