Fox News Politics: No calm after the Stormy

Fox News Politics: No calm after the Stormy

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What’s happening? 

– Biden faces backlash for reported plan to withhold some weapons from Israel…

– Hunter Biden loses attempts to dismiss criminal charges…

– Trump’s stormy day in court…

Stormy Daniels wrapped up her testimony in the Trump trial, before a smattering of other witnesses were called to the stand. Judge Juan Merchan also handed Trump a double denial – rejecting motions for a mistrial, and defense attorneys’ request to modify the gag order now that former porn performer Daniels has finished her testimony. 

Trump’s team argued that Daniels’ time on the stand was highly prejudicial, and had nothing to do with the charges about falsifying business records for a $130,000 payment to Daniels to sign and NDA, and not share her story of having sex once with Trump. 

Trump has denied Daniels’ claims consistently, and defense attorney Susan Necheles worked hard Thursday to point out how Daniels’ story has changed over the years. Trump’s attorneys argued that now, with the porn actress’ testimony concluded, he should be able to defend himself publicly. But Merchan disagreed, saying that though Daniels was a difficult witness to control, and much of some of her testimony was “unnecessary” and “irrelevant,” the gag order would stand.

“We are so innocent,” Trump said after court adjourned Thursday. He railed against Merchan as “totally conflicted” and “corrupt.” 

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