Donald Trump’s disgusting words about Lawrence O’Donnell prove why he’s as unfit for microphones as he is another presidency

Donald Trump’s disgusting words about Lawrence O’Donnell prove why he’s as unfit for microphones as he is another presidency

There’s a reason we don’t give children microphones or podiums to spew nonsense from, but somehow the logic that led to that widespread decision doesn’t apply to Donald Trump.

The disgraced former president shows less maturity than a mid-tantrum five-year-old, most days, but despite his clear lack of fitness, he’s still a contender for the highest office in the United States. The absolutely adolescent 77-year-old is even resorting to schoolyard bully tactics, as his criminal hush money trial inches toward its second month.

The man who currently stands a reasonable chance at cinching a second term as President of the United States took to Truth Social, his favorite space to spew toxicity, to take aim at MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell. There, Trump did his best to channel a pre-pubescent bully, as he blasted O’Donnell for his connections to “MSDNC,” called him “Ratings Challenged,” and even took aim at the 72-year-old’s appearance.

That’s awfully rich, coming from a man who shares more in common with an unseasoned chicken wing than a human being. Completely abandoning any pretense of maturity, Trump wrote that O’Donnell “looks like sh*t,” and really stretched his vocabulary by slamming O’Donnell as “a real loser.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

— Republicans against Trump (@RpsAgainstTrump) May 8, 2024

It’s classic Trump, and yet more evidence that those diapers suit our boy Don in more than one way. Incontinence aside, the absolute trash bag of a former president is clearly exactly as mature — and mentally capable — as a toddler, and he’s determined to prove it with each fresh public statement.

From someone who props himself up as a Christian, a “family man,” and a person qualified to be president for a second time, the statement reeks of Trump’s complete lack of self-awareness. He somehow truly believes that these pathetic, belittling posts make him look better. When you already resemble the waterlogged underside of a foot, its a reasonable assumption, but somehow it’s still wrong.

All that Trump is accomplishing with these public, shameful posts is the further tarnishing of his already utterly corroded name. With each new statement, the world’s opinion of Trump drops even further, which leaves those of us who’ve long seen him for what he is — a would-be dictator with an IQ on par with a day-old dump — with our opinions so far below sea level they’ve disappeared into our planet’s outer crust.

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