‘Blackface’ teens expelled from school awarded $1,000,000 for proving it was green acne mask

‘Blackface’ teens expelled from school awarded $1,000,000 for proving it was green acne mask

Two teenage boys were forced out of Saint Francis High School after posting a photo that some alleged was depicting blackface (Pictures: Superior Court of California)

Two teenage boys expelled from school after being accused of an alleged blackface photo have been awarded $1million each after proving it was green acne medication.

The ex-students and their parents sued Saint Francis High School, an elite Catholic institution in Mountain View, California, after a photo emerged of the two boys and a friend wearing what they claimed were acne treatment masks.

A boy identified as A.H. in August 2017 wore a green mask his mother bought for severe acne and took a bathroom selfie with another boy who donned a white acne mask, states the lawsuit.

A day later, A.H., a friend referenced as H.H., and a third boy took a photo of themselves with green medication on their faces apparently as a show of solidarity.

Two former students and their parents sued Saint Francis High School

The boys said it was a joke and not a racial insult, but the photo went viral and many labeled it as depicting blackface.

A Santa Clara County jury on Monday sided with the boys’ claims that the school breached oral contract and had a lack of due process in forcing them out, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The jury awarded the money and tuition reimbursement to the two former students.

‘Our primary goal was to clear (our clients’) names,’ stated the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Krista Baughman.

‘It was quite clear the jury believed these were innocent face masks. They are young kids, their internet trail is going to haunt them for the next 60 years. Now they don’t have to worry about that.’

Saint Francis High School is an elite Catholic school in Mountain View, California (Picture: Google Maps)

The boys lost on their other claims of breach of contract, free speech violation and defamation. The suit initially demanded $20million.

Saint Francis officials stated that they ‘respectfully disagree with the jury’s conclusion as to the lesser claim regarding the fairness of our disciplinary review process’ and will be ‘exploring legal options’ including appealing the judgement.

Frank Hughes, the dad of one of the students, said the teens tried to enroll in other high schools but Saint Francis refused to disclose the reason for their transfer, which prevented his son from playing football at his new school for a year. Hughes moved his family to Utah so his son could play football in his senior year.

Saint Francis is required to reimburse Hughesfsevere for the moving and living expenses after the jury’s verdict.

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