All of Taylor Swift’s the Eras Tour changes, explained

All of Taylor Swift’s the Eras Tour changes, explained

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking international tour the Eras Tour is officially back on. After two eventful months off, Swift is kicking off the European leg of her massive tour.

Taylor Swift embarked on the Eras Tour on March 17, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, U.S. Since finishing her U.S. leg last summer, the Grammy-winning singer has also toured South America, Asia, and Australia with a huge global cultural impact. Her last concert was on Mar. 9 in Singapore, and she’s officially back on with a four-date stop in Paris, France.

However, during the two months of a well-deserved break, Swift didn’t just sit and watch Netflix with her beau, Travis Kelce. In the time off, the singer premiered the concert film on Disney Plus, and also released her eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department. After putting out 31 brand-new songs, the tour has also received a makeover.

The Eras Tour changes, explained

Image via Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour was born after Swift released five studio albums since her last tour, 2018’s Reputation Stadium Tour. Since then, she released 2019’s Lover, 2020’s two pandemic sister albums Folklore and Evermore, and 2022’s Midnights. The tour reflected all the eras she’s had so far (except for the debut album, which was unfortunately absent from ten acts). With Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour available to stream on Disney Plus after premiering in theaters last October, Swift has decided to make several changes.

Swift kicked off the Eras Tour in Paris, France with the Lover era, as usual. She wore a brand-new outfit, an orange bodysuit and blazer for “The Man.” “The Archer,” the last song of Act 1, was dropped. Fearless was the second act, which also introduced a different outfit, this time, a black and silver one. There weren’t any other changes to the Fearless setlist.

Normally, following Fearless, she’d dive right into Evermore and, after that, Reputation. Instead, this time she switched straight to Red. She debuted a brand-new T-shirt for “22,” reading, “This Is Not Taylor’s Version,” a reference to her re-recorded albums. She didn’t make any changes to the setlist.

The next era was Speak Now, another big change in the order of the acts. The era got a brand-new intro and a new dress. Swift also dropped “Long Live,” and went straight into the Reputation era. Swift kept the same Reputation outfit, the only era that never got an outfit update. There were no other changes to the setlist.

After Reputation she went into Folklore, which got a brand-new intro. Wearing a new yellow dress, Swift hopped on top of the Folklore cabin and opened the era with “Cardigan” instead of “The 1.” Choosing chaos, after performing “Betty” she headed straight to the piano, explaining that she was finally uniting Folklore with Evermore. She then started singing “Champagne Problems.” Following the applause break, she went straight into “August” and “Illicit Affairs.” The next songs were “My Tears Ricochet,” “Marjorie,” and “Willow.”

She continued with 1989, where she debuted a multi-colored outfit for the first time with no changes to the setlist. After the 1989 act, she moved on to the new era, The Tortured Poets Department.

This is The Tortured Poets Department setlist

Image via X/Taylor Swift

The most exciting thing about Swift’s concert was the changes to the Eras Tour to fit in her latest studio album. On top of that, people were wondering which songs she’d perform from TTPD. Having made so many changes, Swift had enough space to introduce songs from her brand-new album.

“But Daddy I Love Him” was the first song, which Swift performed with a white dress with the lyrics “I love you, it’s ruining my life” on it, also wearing the “Clara Bow” choker. She then moved on to a “So High School” mashup, the song she seemingly wrote for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The next song was “Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me,” with a part of the stage moving her around as if she were levitating.

Swift then moved on to “Down Bad” with a mashup with “Fortnight,” followed by “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” shown on the screen in black and white.

Here are the songs Taylor Swift dropped

Screengrab via Apple TV

To make room for her brand-new era, Swift had to drop several songs. The removed songs were some of the ones missing from the concert film, which fans widely speculated she would replace. Among them were “The Archer” and “Long Live.”

As she united the two sister albums, the songs she dropped were “The 1,” “‘Tis the Damn Season,” “Tolerate It,” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.” She did keep “Cardigan,” which wasn’t a part of the concert film but was added later on the Disney Plus version.

Following the newly added TTPD act, she moved on to the acoustic set, and then Midnights, where she debuted a brand-new bodysuit. After the three-hour-long chaotic set filled with changes, Swift finished the concert with “Karma,” and was done for the night, ready to do it all over again all through the summer.

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