‘911’: When did Lou Ferrigno Jr.’s Tommy come back?

‘911’: When did Lou Ferrigno Jr.’s Tommy come back?

911 has waved farewell to some key characters, like savvy operator Abby Clark (Connie Britton), but a fan-favorite appeared in an earlier season and then returned. Tommy Kinard (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) may be a pilot now, but he was once a member of the 118 crew and was a brilliant firefighter.

Tommy and Buck’s (Oliver Stark) relationship is still developing after their kiss in episode 5 of 911 season 7. Fans remember Tommy from back in the day… so when did he come back to the ABC show, and what was the reason?

When did Lou Ferrigno Jr.’s Tommy appear on 911 again?

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Lou Ferrigno Jr. returned in episode 3 of season 7 of 911 called “Capsized.” He and Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman) spend a lot of time together, and since Buck is slowly starting to realize that he has romantic feelings for Tommy, Buck is jealous.

Tommy previously appeared in season 2 of 911 in some flashbacks. As Ferrigno Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Tim Minear told him he could return and play Buck’s love interest. The actor was glad to do it, and said that he loves that the plotline is focused on “two connected souls.”

In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Oliver Stark spoke about the important backstory between Chimney (Kenneth Choi) and Tommy. Stark said Tommy made “questionable decisions” when Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Chimney experienced racism while working for the 118. As Stark mentioned, Tommy didn’t say anything about the poor treatment at the time.

After reflecting on Tommy’s season 2 and season 7 storylines, it’s clear that he has experienced a lot of growth. When speaking to Buck about their feelings for each other, he is comfortable being raw and honest, and that’s wonderful to watch. We love seeing Buck and Tommy together, and can’t wait to see how their love story plays out in the rest of 911 season 7.

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