Fans hope for Hollow Knight: Silksong shadow drop as game is age-rated in Korea

Fans hope for Hollow Knight: Silksong shadow drop as game is age-rated in Korea

Hollow Knight: Silksong – out soon? (Picture: Team Cherry)

There’re multiple signs that Silksong is finally gearing up for launch, but continued confusion about exactly when.

It’s now seven years since the release of Hollow Knight, the beloved indie Metroidvania, and there’s still no clue as to when sequel Silksong will be released.

Originally intended merely as DLC, work on the game spiralled out of control until it became a full sequel that was supposed to be released in the first half of last year. It currently has no release date, but product pages for it suddenly appeared on the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo stores earlier this week.

That doesn’t necessarily mean much, since the game has had those pages before and they were later taken down, but it’s also been given an age rating in South Korea, which implies it’s at most only a couple of months away.

In order to give an accurate age rating for a game it has to be complete, or almost complete, so when one turns up on the website of a ratings agency that usually means it’s going to be out soon.

South Korea is often the first one to list new games, but lately there’s been a spate of titles that officially have no date, including Silent Hill 2 (which was also listed by the ESRB in the US), Star Wars Outlaws, and Silksong.

What’s also strange is that the Silksong listing was actually in February, which seems very early for a game that isn’t even confirmed to be out this year.

Nevertheless, unless something drastic has changed about the age rating process that means all of those games should be out soon, which is odd because not only is there no official date for any of them but there’s been next to no marketing for them either.

Separate rumours suggest that Silent Hill 2 will be at the PlayStation Showcase rumoured for May, so it may be that being age rated is no longer a good indication that a game is going to arrive soon.

And yet Xbox exec Sarah Bond reacted to the reappearance of Silksong in online stores, reminding everyone that it will be a day one Game Pass title – although she gave no indication of when it will be out.

It’s all quite confusing but at the very least it seems reasonable to expect the game will be released this year.

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