Don’t cry for her, Argentina: Cara Delevingne casually rocked ‘Cabaret’ chic weeks after her house burned down

Don’t cry for her, Argentina: Cara Delevingne casually rocked ‘Cabaret’ chic weeks after her house burned down

Cara Delevingne wore her best Cabaret chic in celebration of her debut as Sally Bowles at London’s Kit Kat Club (the musical’s Berlin club has come to life inside the West End’s famous Playhouse Theatre) just weeks after her home burned down in a freak fire. As the saying goes, “The show must go on,” but this seems a little literal, no?

The show’s after-party was a star-studded affair, with stars like Anya Taylor-Joy showing up to support Delevingne’s latest accomplishment. And an accomplishment it was ⏤ if there were any doubts Delevingne would pull off one of the most coveted roles in musical theater, they were silenced after she slunk onto the stage. Sadly, I was unable to attend (by virtue of not being invited and living nowhere near London), but the hundreds of glowing reviews of her performance paint a clear picture: Delevingne is a star, baby. 

Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images

She dressed the part at the show’s after-party on March 28, wearing a bold-shouldered menswear-inspired blazer from Prada’s Spring 2024 collection. In true gender-bending Cabaret fashion, she combined the blazer’s masculine elements with feminine touches like a black belt cinched at the waist and some sharp-toed black pumps. She finished the look with simple hoop earrings, a chain necklace, and a sleek, slicked-back hairdo.

It’s the look of someone celebrating a victory, but Delevingne’s professional success comes just as she experiences great personal loss. Just days before her Cabaret debut, she lost her Los Angeles home in a destructive fire. At around 4am PT on March 15, her home caught fire (her parents spoke with TMZ, saying the cause of the fire was wind and power lines) and burned for hours as firefighters worked to put out the flames. 

Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images

Delevingne first spoke about the fire by sharing a post of her two cats on her Instagram story with the caption, “My heart is broken today…I cannot believe it. Life can change in the blink of an eye. So cherish what you have.” This caused a bit of a stir as her followers thought she lost her cats, but thankfully she shared soon after that firefighters rescued the kitties.

I can’t imagine the whiplash of losing your home, believing your pets had perished in the fire, finding out they’re okay, and then having to go onstage as Sally Bowles in your West End debut. What a roller-coaster of emotions! I have the utmost respect for Delevingne for putting on an amazing show in those conditions and I hope she is able to take time to mourn the loss of her home.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 28: Cara Delevingne attends the gala performance after party for “Cabaret At The Kit Kat Club” celebrating new cast members on March 28, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

If you haven’t, I suggest checking out her Architectural Digest tour so you can see the beautifully eccentric space she built for herself out in Los Angeles. Complete with colorful decor and a tunnel created to resemble a certain piece of human anatomy, it was a lovely reflection of its owner’s personality.

If you’re near London’s West End, you can catch Delevingne as Sally Bowles in Cabaret until June 1.

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