Crows disturb gravesites at cemetery in Sydney’s west

Crows disturb gravesites at cemetery in Sydney’s west

Crows have been causing upset by stealing items from gravesites at a cemetery in Sydney’s west.

The birds have been pulling flowers out of vases and picking at loose items at Penrith General Cemetery over the last few weeks.

It’s prompted Penerish City Council to display signs to alert visitors that their loved ones’ graves might be disturbed.

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It said there had been a large number of crows on the grounds that had been disturbing the site in search of food and water.

“Over the past weeks crows at Penrith Cemetery have been causing problems by pulling flowers out vases, picking at unsecured items from gravesites, and generally scavenging gravesites,” a council spokesperson said.

“We have been advising visitors to firmly secure items so that the crows cannot take the items.”

Crows are notoriously clever and curious birds who are known to steal shiny things.

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