Who wins ‘Physical 100’ season 2?

Who wins ‘Physical 100’ season 2?

While most of us (OK, maybe just this writer) are more than happy to lounge on the couch, there’s a batch of uber-athletic people who willingly sign up for Physical: 100, a Netflix reality competition series that pits contestants against each other in fitness-related challenges. 

The first season of the show saw 100 players — including Olympians, CrossFit athletes and MMA fighters — vie for the title of the “perfect physique” and a grand prize of 300,000 million won (around $240,00 USD), with Woo Jin-yong being crowned the ultimate victor. 

Naturally, given the Squid Game-like premise and a controversial victory that prompted Netflix to respond, it wasn’t long before the streamer greenlit a second season of the extremely popular show. The new installment arrived in March, with the finale episodes airing on April 2. 

The Korean series again assembled a 100-strong roster of athletes who put this writer’s physique to shame, but this time upped the ante with harder challenges and a bigger arena. So who was the lucky winner of Physical: 100 season 2, and are they kind enough to share their workout regime to someone who just ate their third consecutive donut?

Who wins Physical: 100 season 2?

After a nail-biting finale challenge, Crossfitter and bodybuilder Amotti was crowned the winner of Physical: 100’s second season. Amotti beat former firefighter and runner-up Hong Beom-Seok to collect the win, during a strength challenge in which the pair were made to push at opposite ends of a revolving bar at the same time. 

The best-of-three test was perhaps the most gruelling of the entire season, with the winner being whoever was able to push the bar far enough to knock over a pillar in the arena. In what proved to be an adrenaline-pinching challenge, it was Beom-seok who won the first round, but his efforts seemed to wane as Amotti knocked over successive pillars in the final two matches.

After winning the challenge, Amotti stood side-by-side with his torso statue to deliver a moving speech about the memories he made while competing on the show, alongside a montage of all his greatest challenge triumphs. Amotti thanked the remaining 99 contestants, and shared a celebratory moment with Beom-seok (who also appeared in Physical: 100’s first season). 

The pair comprised the top four alongside Justin Harvey and Andre Jin. The final challenges for Harvey and Jin included holding on to their suspended torso statues for as long as possible (which saw Harvey eliminated) and squatting loads of coal that gradually increased in weight. As a result of his win, Amotti took home the grand cash prize of 300 million won. 

While there is as-yet no confirmation of a third season, it’s likely that Physical: 100 will return for another installment, and hopefully this writer will be able to apply by then. 

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