Who wins ‘Is It Cake?’ season 3?

Who wins ‘Is It Cake?’ season 3?

For more than two years now, a unique Netflix series has viewers approaching their food with a critical eye and wondering: Is It Cake?

The sly twist on the baking show format was inspired by cooking trends on video sharing sites like YouTube and TikTok and instantly became popular following its 2022 release. It was renewed for a second season within a few months of its first season’s Netflix arrival and has maintained that same popularity for three seasons now.

Season 3 of Is It Cake? — stylized as Is It Cak3? — officially arrived in its entirety on Netflix on March 29, 2024, and viewers ate up every episode within days. They followed a fresh batch of bakers on their journey to the top and celebrated right along with them when the third season crowned its official winner.

Who won Is It Cake? season 3?

A close competition saw three bakers make it to the final round of Is It Cake? season 3, each with a solid chance at taking home the competition’s $50,000 grand prize. Finalists Jujhar Mann, Timmy Norman, and Henderson Gonzalez all showed up for the final stand-off, but only one of them could walk away the victor.

That winner ended up being Gonzalez, who took home a whopping $65,000 in prize money, both from the winning pot and previous competition wins. Judges managed to identify the cake-ish qualities of Gonzalez’s cake — along with each of the others — but, based on flavor and overall presentation, Gonzalez still managed to cinch the top spot.

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