When does season 7 episode 4 of ‘9-1-1’ release?

When does season 7 episode 4 of ‘9-1-1’ release?

There are few creators with a backlog as bafflingly diverse as that of Ryan Murphy. The Glee creator is also the mastermind behind horror anthology American Horror Story, true crime examination Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and procedural drama 9-1-1.

None of these shows have much of anything in common, apart from one connecting factor: They’re all extremely popular. Each release, save Glee, has spawned spin-offs — in some cases several — and every one has established itself as a favorite in its specific genre.

Even 9-1-1, which is up against some fierce competition. Procedural dramas are a dime a dozen, and shows following first responders can be found on nearly every network available. Somehow, even with the opposition, 9-1-1 remains one of the genre’s most popular releases, as it digs into its seventh season and preps to celebrate 100 episodes of the 2018 series.

When, and where, to watch episode 4 of 9-1-1‘s seventh season

9-1-1 found a new home, following its sixth season, which is throwing some longtime viewers for a loop. The series aired its first six seasons over on Fox, but — following its cancelation — future seasons were picked up by ABC. That’s where season 7 is currently airing, and the same network already renewed the series for a season 8.

Season 7 is still in its first half, with episode 4 slated to arrive on ABC on Thursday, April 4. Episode 5 will follow a week later, on April 11, and polish off the first half of season 7. Fresh episodes can be enjoyed for free on ABC’s website, or via Hulu, where they typically arrive one day after initial airing.

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