The 10 best BL anime on Crunchyroll

The 10 best BL anime on Crunchyroll

The BL genre of anime has moved from a niche subculture to one of the most popular subgenres today, and Crunchyroll boasts a wide array of options. 

Representation of queer characters in media is currently at the best it’s ever been, but there have always been anime pushing the boundaries, especially hidden in the Yaoi and BL tags. Nowadays, finding a good BL anime to watch is as easy as searching the tag on Crunchyroll. Nonetheless, I’ve curated some of the best in the subgenre that the streamer has to offer. 

10. Dakaichi

This BL anime follows Takato Saijo, a popular actor who has held the title of “Sexiest Man of the Year” for five years. When his title is taken from him, he is determined to face off against the rookie actor who now holds the title, Junta Azumaya. While Takato is determined to be rivals with Junta, the latter is hopelessly in love with him, which leads to some tender interactions between the two.

9. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

Some people might argue that an anime isn’t BL if there aren’t any explicit scenes confirming a relationship between two male characters. However, anime like these prove those people wrong. In The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, Seigi, a simple college student, and Richard, a well-known jeweler, are undeniably in love. After Seigi saves Richard’s life, the latter takes him under his wing as his assistant, and though the two face a lot of ups and downs together, it only intensifies their devotion to each other. 

8. Cherry Magic

Cherry Magic is an interesting watch. It follows a 30-year-old virgin who, on his 30th birthday, develops the power to read people’s minds with a touch. With his new powers, Adachi Kiyoshi accidentally finds out that the office heartthrob Yuichi Kurosawa has feelings for him. The information makes him uncomfortable at first, but repeated exposure to Kurosawa’s thoughts soon reveals the depths of his feelings, prompting Adachi to get to know him better. 

7. Love Stage

Love Stage explores all the messiness and uncertainty of starting a new relationship, especially when dealing with your problems. It centers around two boys, Ryoma and Izumi, who met as children on the set of a commercial. Now, years later, Ryoma is a popular actor and Izumi is an aspiring manga author. The anime confronts some of the popular but harmful tropes common in BL like non-consent, while telling its own story of a blossoming relationship.

6. Sk8 the Infinity

There’s a fine line between subtle queer-coding and full on queer characters, and the characters of Sk8 toe that line repeatedly. Reki and Langa are two teenage boys who bond over their shared passion for skateboarding… and each other. They face off against Adam, who is unambiguously queer. Overall, every member of the main cast of this anime is extremely queer coded. From Cherry and Joe, with their flirty banter, to Miya the cat-boy and Shadow, who dons a full face of make-up to embody his skating alter ego. 

5. Given 

This is a great anime for people who like music and slow burns. It centers around four high school students who decide to form a rock band together, and the romantic relationships that begin between them. Ritsuka, the guitarist, falls for Mafuyu, the main vocalist, as Mafuyu reminds him of his love for music. Notably, the anime features some heavy themes around grief, but it handles them beautifully. 

4. Sasaki and Miyano

Another sweet slow-burn BL anime is Sasaki and Miyano. The titular characters are two school boys who usually will not cross paths. However, Sasaki, the seemingly aloof bad boy, finds out about the quiet and shy Miyano’s love for BL novels. To Miyano’s surprise, Sasaki is curious about the BL novels, and the two soon bond over their shared interest, which leads to them developing feelings for each other. It’s very soft and sweet and a great comfort watch. There’s also a movie titled Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation for fans who can’t get enough of these two.

3. No. 6

No. 6 takes place in a futuristic city of the same name where two boys, Shion and Nezumi, meet. The anime isn’t primarily a romance, but a dystopian story centered around Shion, who was born and raised in privilege, as he learns about the cruelty that hides beneath the surface of their city through Nezumi, a fugitive. The two slowly fall in love with an innocence that contrasts against the darkness of the world around them. 

2. Yuri!!! on Ice

Yurion Ice!!! has become synonymous with BL anime, and is one of the most popular romance anime of all time. It follows Yuri Katsuki, a young figure skater who gives up on his career after some crushing losses. Yuri is thrown back on the ice though when the legendary figure skating champion Viktor Nikiforov decides to coach him. This classic anime blends multiple themes with its rich and complex characters to create a story greater than the sport it is centered on. And don’t get me started on the beautiful soundtrack.

1. Heaven’s Official Blessing

Also known as Tian Guan Ci Fu, Heaven’s Official Blessing is a Chinese anime that combines fantasy, BL, romance, and action. It follows Xie Lian, an ancient Chinese prince who, after three failed ascensions to the heavens, is tasked with solving a mystery involving some missing brides. This leads him to meet Hua Cheng, a ghost king who has been watching Xie Lian’s life for the last 800 years. The chemistry between these two is palpable, and their relationship only gets more passionate as they spend together.

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