Terrifying moment cars are caught in quake landslide

Terrifying moment cars are caught in quake landslide

Dashcam vision has shown the terrifying moment a number of cars were caught in a landslide in Taiwan during the island’s recent earthquake.

The quake, Taiwan’s strongest in 25 years, has so far killed nine people and injured more than 1000.

Dozens of people are feared trapped in quarries and tunnels.

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Now, dashcam vision from Hualien county, near the quake epicentre, has shown several cars caught in a landslide.

The footage was taken at the moment the quake began, 7.58am local time.

Two cars are shown travelling along a road before coming to a halt. The camera is seen shaking.

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The cars then reverse, before several large rocks crash from higher up the slope, onto the road in front of them.

Another boulder then smashes into the rear of one of the cars.

The driver with the dashcam continues to reverse as jagged rocks hurtle through the air, bouncing off the road in a series of narrow misses.

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