Streamer wakes up terrified by 7.5 magnitude earthquake live on stream

Streamer wakes up terrified by 7.5 magnitude earthquake live on stream

The moment streamer Keppada wakes up to a 7.5 magnitude earthquake (Picture: Twitch)

Video shows scary moment streamer and his partner wakes up to a building-shaking earthquake in Taiwan, live on stream.

Sleep streams have become quite common on streaming platforms like Twitch, where a streamer can simply broadcast themselves sleeping and can make a lot of money doing so.

Usually the most exciting thing that happens is a dog pooping on its owner’s bed but that’s not what happened to Finnish streamer Keppada, who experienced a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that violently shook him awake.

Keppada was doing a subathon – a stream where each new viewer subscription adds more time to a descending timer – when the earthquake happened.

That’s why he and his partner were sleeping live on stream, but the video also caught the terrifying moment the earthquake shook the entire building as the two ran out of the room.

The earthquake happened in Taiwan, where earthquakes are common, and it looked like it lasted for about 30 seconds, violently shaking the room, before it calmed down.

‘That must be so scary the first few times, being tired, just waking up, brain not functioning, inputs and output being scrambled,’ said Altruistic-Bit on Reddit.

Another viewer was just happy they got out quickly, saying:

‘Door frames or under a table away from shelves [are safe spaces]. That bed was quite possibly the least safe place to ride that out,’ said Ski.

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Keppada and his partner are fine, and the streamer is continuing his subathon, although he tweeted that they’re still experiencing ‘constant aftershocks’.

Since earthquakes are common in Taiwan that means it’s also a country well prepared for them. You can watch the video below.

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