Is Tim from ’90 Day Fiance’ gay?

Is Tim from ’90 Day Fiance’ gay?

It’s no secret that 90 Day Fiancé (and indeed reality television more broadly), is a hot-bed for speculation, from rumors of short-lived marriages to potential health scares and shocking revelations about pregnancy journeys.

We should probably come to expect that a certain level of controversy will always arise when couples embark on a quest to get married to obtain a visa on camera, and this season of 90 Day: The Single Life has proven no different. 

Tim Malcolm — who made his debut in the 90 Day universe in season three of Before the 90 Days — has returned to screens this year on fellow spinoff The Single Life. This variation of the show follows couples whose previous relationships did not work out, as they attempt to find love yet again (with cameras in tow). This time around, Tim is facing questions about his sexuality, which have followed him since his first appearance on the show. 

Is Tim from 90 Day Fiancé gay?

Going off his own admissions, Tim from 90 Day Fiancé is not gay. The reality TV star addressed rumors about his sexuality in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, confirming that he is heterosexual and saying he is “tired” of the consistent insinuations. It marked the most recent instance in which Tim had fought back against rumors of being gay, taking to Instagram in November 2022 to again reiterate that he has “never been with a man [and] never kissed a man.” 

The speculation around Tim’s sexuality is not completely unfounded. The rumors started during his season 3 stint on Before the 90 Days, when Tim’s partner, Jeniffer, would constantly ask if he was gay and hurl emasculating insults his way. Though she claimed they were jokes, Jeniffer would also routinely mention that Tim was not manly enough for her, and would describe him as “very delicate.” 

When Jeniffer began dating fellow contestant Jesse, he too insinuated that Tim was gay. The rumors were only fuelled when Tim revealed in the tell-all that he and Jeniffer had never been intimate, and that he needed to be really in love with someone before getting physical with them. Among other behaviours that seemed to point to his identity, fans caught on to how Tim would wear eyeliner, had a sassy personality, and prioritised things like fashion and personal style.  

Tim also raised eyebrows for referring to fellow castmate Kenny as “daddy,” and for asking Jamal during The Single Life tell-all if he wanted to sleep with him. In any case, Tim appears to have made peace with the speculation, even as it resurfaced during his most recent appearance on The Single Life. “I clearly am very comfortable with my sexuality,” he told Entertainment Tonight, “if I were into men I would be openly into men… there would be no reason to lie about it.”

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