Is Luke Kwon leaving Good Good?

Is Luke Kwon leaving Good Good?

A few months ago fans noticed a shift in the dynamic between members of the Good Good YouTube channel leading to speculation that Luke Kwon was going to leave and sure enough they were proven to be right yesterday.

What is the Good Good YouTube channel?

For the uninitiated, Good Good is a YouTube channel with just under 1.5 million subscribers, focusing on golf. The five main guys featured often livestream tournaments as well as play more casually on various courses; they also take part in various viral golf challenges among other content put out on the channel. 

Who is Luke Kwon?

According to PGATour, Luke Kwon is from South Korea and went pro in 2016. He’s played a total of 47 events with 31/47 cuts made; he may not be the richest pro golfer but he’s certainly doing well for himself. Kwon features in most of the videos uploaded on to the channel along with Garrett Clark, Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, and Tom Broders. Prior to 2023 there were two more members, Grant Horvat and Micah Morris, but both left towards the end of 2022.

The speculation

A few months back fans began noticing the changes in video quality. In a post to Reddit titled ‘Kwon’s gonna leave soon’ one fan brought up the “weaker” dynamic between the group members but particularly how Kwon seemed more comfortable in the videos on his own channel. Others responded to the thread with some agreeing with the original poster suggesting that Kwon and the crew in general were possibly experiencing burnout. Others didn’t see what the issue was claiming recent videos were just as good as the older ones. 

Reddit wasn’t the only place where fans were voicing their concerns. Over on TikTok people were asking why Kwon was missing from the line up in Good Good videos from March. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before we’d get confirmation that Luke was leaving the group with many comments on TikTok claiming that the channel wasn’t what it used to be anyway. 

Luke Kwon leaves Good Good

Yesterday the fan’s fears were confirmed when a video was uploaded titled “our last match with Luke Kwon.” In the first few minutes Luke explains the situation, “this is going to be my last video, just kind of going on my own way and kind of taking a bit of myself and see what I can do.” He goes on to clarify that he has no “beef” with those on the channel and that there is no behind the scenes drama, rather it was just a case of scheduling conflicts, as the channel was growing and requiring more dedicated commitment. 

A few hours after the video was posted, Kwon uploaded another video on his own channel titled “The REAL reason I left Good Good.” Whilst the title makes it sound like there’s been some behind the scenes drama that wasn’t mentioned in the original video that is far from the truth. In actuality, Luke just goes into a lot more detail as to why he chose to leave reiterating that he wanted to focus on himself; “I just wanted to take a bet on myself and kind of go back to doing stuff solo.”

His fans were very supportive of the decision to go solo with many claiming that his own videos were “the most compelling, cinematic, entertaining golf content available.” It seems obvious that Kwon wasn’t feeling as passionate about the videos made on the Good Good channel as fans noticed his change in attitude months ago. However, it will come as a comfort to many to know that the pro golfer did not leave on bad terms and both he and his peers are continuing to do what they love best in their own way.

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