Is Anya Taylor-Joy married?

Is Anya Taylor-Joy married?

We live in a time of celebrity overexposure, and few stars are more in the spotlight than actress Anya Taylor-Joy. That fact made Taylor-Joy’s April 2, 2024, Instagram post even more surprising: The Queen’s Gambit actress pulled off one of the biggest moments of her life away from the public eye.

In her Instagram post, Taylor-Joy shared a picture of herself looking as elegant as ever in a white wedding dress, holding a bouquet with a long bridal train flowing behind her. In the caption, Taylor-Joy confessed that she married actor and musician Malcolm McRae — two years ago. In a cheeky twist, the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga lead said the New Orleans ceremony took place on April Fool’s Day that year, but her claims to be married are no prank.

Taylor-Joy’s picture was captioned, “Two years ago, on April Fools, I secretly married my best friend in New Orleans. The magic of that day is ingrained in every cell of my being, forever.” Taylor-Joy also wished her husband a happy second anniversary — or their first post-hard-launch anniversary, depending on how you count. “You’re the coolest,” the superstar’s caption added.

Anya Taylor-Joy shared two more pictures and one video

via Anya Taylor-Joy/Instagram

Alongside the video of Anya Taylor-Joy in her Dior-designed wedding dress, the actress shared a video of herself enjoying her bridal veil and a picture of the bride and groom alongside photographer actress Cara Delevingne, looking sharp in a man’s cut suit.

Also included was a snap of heart-shaped cakes complete with what appeared to be blood, prompting the actress to add to the caption, ” … [Y]es, those are anatomically correct heart cakes. Yes, I am the vampire Lestat,” keeping with the wedding’s New Orleans atmosphere.

Malcolm McRae also shared the news on Instagram

via Malcolm McRae/Instagram

If you’re concerned that Anya Taylor-Joy’s wedding announcement was an April Fool’s joke, her husband, Malcolm McRae, shared his own Instagram post along with photos and videos from the ceremony. “I love you now, and somehow I always have, and somehow it will never end. Happy two-year anniversary (yesterday), beautiful,” the caption read.

According to EW, Taylor-Joy, 27, met McRae, 29, at The Queen’s Gambit premiere in 2021. Everyone knew they were together. In October 2023, the couple hosted a large wedding celebration for friends in Venice, and some close to the couple assumed that was their wedding.

So, the big April reveal was less about Taylor-Joy and McCrae being married, but rather that they had been married for months when the Venice party happened. Page Six scooped everyone when they reported that Taylor-Joy and the Daisy Jones & The Six actor were married in New Orleans in 2022, amid rumors the couple was engaged, citing an anonymous source.

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