Did a Pennsylvania mom get murdered for trying to take her teenage daughter’s cell phone away?

Did a Pennsylvania mom get murdered for trying to take her teenage daughter’s cell phone away?

We’re all addicted to our devices these days, but for one young girl in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in March 2024, the obsession became tragic. The teen, Lataya Powell, is now accused of murdering her mother after her mom took her cell phone away in a fight.

According to PAHomepage.com, Tameeka S. Tucker, 44, was reported unresponsive and not breathing at Powell’s home in Wilkes-Barre. When police arrived, they found Powell’s mother with stab wounds on her neck and back. She was also bleeding heavily from her head. Tucker was pronounced dead at the scene, and as of April 1, 2024, an autopsy was pending.

Police also found Powell’s 11-year-old brother with non-life-threatening stab wounds, but he was expected to recover. Powell was taken into custody at the scene and now faces criminal homicide, two aggravated assault charges, and one charge of tampering with evidence. Lataya Powell, who is just 13 years old, was charged as an adult.

There were padlocks on the knife drawers


Police responding to the call at Lataya Powell’s home also reported that the knife drawers were padlocked, but that one padlock was broken. The knife used in the attack, however, could not be found. Powell later said she threw the knife on a neighbor’s porch. Neighbors reported hearing screaming from Powell’s home around the same time the attack happened.

Speaking with WEAU, the neighbor who had Powell’s knife at their house said they were in the backyard when Tameeka Tucker was murdered. “I’m just thankful I wasn’t out here because you never know what could’ve happened, but I look at it that something good could come out of this and that she can get the help she needs. My prayers go out to the family, and I’m sorry this happened,” the neighbor said.

Powell admitted she killed her mom

According to multiple reports, Lataya Powell told the police when they arrived at her home that she was the person who killed her mom, and that she did it because her mom tried to take her phone away from her after an argument. She also confessed she stabbed her brother.

Powell reportedly told the police, “I killed my mom … She’ll never forgive me if she is alive.” Among other statements, Powell added, “I’m the reason my mom is dead,” and, “I don’t know how people can do stuff like this and not feel bad about it.” As of this report, Powell was held at the Luzerne County Jail and was expected to appear in court on April 10, 2024.

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