Baba Vanga’s eerie 2024 predictions are coming true

Baba Vanga’s eerie 2024 predictions are coming true

The mystic lived in the Balkans until her death in 1996

The 2024 predictions of the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ appear to be coming true, just four months into the year.

Baba Vanga is a Bulgarian mystic, and has correctly predicted many past world events – the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, the death of Princess Diana, New York’s 9/11, even her own death on August 11, 1996, at the age of 85, her followers claim.

28 years after her death, Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2024 seem to be coming to fruition.

In January, we shared the list of her predictions for this year – which include alien encounters and the end for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

So far this year, her other predictions – terrorist attacks on Europe, a surge in cyber attacks and medical and technological breakthroughs – are happening.

Terrorist attacks on Europe

Panic erupted after gunmen burst into a Moscow concert hall in late March (Picture: East2West News)

Europe is supposedly set for increased terrorist attacks in 2024, the clairvoyant warned – and the recent attack in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall seems to point to signs that she was right.

More than 110 people died, including children, after heavily armed attackers stormed into the Crocus Concert Hall on the outskirts of Moscow in late March.

Just hours after the attack, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the brutality – and the danger level in other countries was also raised.

The attack prompted German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to warn football fans to be on ‘high alert’ just 75 days ahead of the Euro 2024 kickoff in Germany

Cyber attacks increase

The mystic predicted that the attacks would increase this year (Picture: Getty)

Multiple governments have suffered exhaustive cyber attacks in 2023 – and in 2024, technology issues have already struck the world.

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Greggs, McDonald’s, Tesco and Sainsburys have all experienced hacking this year, leaving them unable to process payments.

And a shadowy hacking group has threatened to release patient data, worrying those who use the NHS.

But it’s only April – and Vanga warned that this year’s cyber attacks will not be the run-of-the-mill.

She predicts they will level up in sophistication, targeting critical infrastructure like power grids and water treatment facilities.

Medical and tech breakthroughs

New treatments for incurable diseases will come in 2024, she said (Picture: Getty Images)

Vanga reportedly said more strides will be made in medicine and tech, along with new treatments for incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

And she’s right – two new breakthrough treatments were revealed for both conditions.

Researchers are currently conducting early patient trials of a vaccine that could protect future generations from Alzheimers. 

And scientists discovered a new ‘wonder’ drug for aggressive cancers, which ‘quadrupled’ three-year survival rates.

More technological leaps are expected this year as well, with the fast-advancing growth of artificial intelligence.

The mystic also predicted that there will be a major breakthrough in quantum computing – we’ll see.

Alien encounters

Could humans finally encounter aliens this year? (Picture: Getty)

Vanga predicted encounters with aliens or alien-related events in the future – and while the encounters reported this year are far from confirmed, it still suggests she might be correct.

In late March, a ‘zig-zagging’ UFO was spotted hovering above a nuclear power plant in India – causing the country’s leading UFO expert Sabir Hussain, along with former US military experts, to urge a warning.

They’ve called for more serious action after several unexplained sightings near the country’s nuclear facilities.

And a Missouri man claimed he was abducted by extra-terrestrials who performed ‘sexual experiments’ on him and stole his sperm.

In the video, he claimed the aliens were taking his sperm in an attempt to make hybrid babies.

The end for Putin

2024 could be the end of Putin, according to Vanga (Picture: AP)

Vanga predicted that an assassination attempt will be made on Putin this year – from one of his own countrymen.

Tensions have continued to simmer in Russia, even after Putin was re-elected president in March.

But Putin’s health has been under fierce speculation for years – and this year, the rumours prompted Russia to release a warning.

So far there have been no known attempts on Putin’s life, but it’s quite early in the year.

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