90s WWE legend wants to shave iconic hairstyle after awkward mix up with lookalike sibling

90s WWE legend wants to shave iconic hairstyle after awkward mix up with lookalike sibling

Rikishi has admitted he mocked his younger brother after fans mistook him for the WWE legend.

SmackDown superstar Naomi shared a photo from a family gathering which went viral with fans thinking the bald Samoan man in the picture was the Attitude Era icon himself, but it turned out to be his sibling.

Laughing at his reaction to the awkward mix up, he exclusively told Metro.co.uk: ‘When I see that photo go viral. I actually text my brother and I say, “There you go, you’re famous now!” So he just laughed at us. It was funny though!’

He quickly told Naomi, who has since returned to WWE, to put up a message clearing the air, but he does enjoy ‘messing with the fans’.

However, he was keen to point out he’s still rocking the Rikishi look, and explained how the photo of his brother actually came to be.

‘I still have my hair. Let me set the record straight,’ he chuckled. ‘That was my younger brother. They were actually at a family reunion for my boys’ grandmother, who was 80 years old.’

Rikishi has reacted to the awkward mix up (Picture: WWE)

Naomi’s photo with Rikishi’s brother got people talking (Picture: Instagram/@trinity_fatu)

They were all celebrating, and his brother – the family’s High Chief – has to be at functions when Rikishi, as the older brother, isn’t available because of wrestling commitments and events of that nature.

He added: ‘When I’m committed to a booking, be it small or a big booking from promoters,that’s one thing that I hate to do, is to call a promoter and say that I can’t be there.

‘I understand what it takes as far as money promotion, ticket sales, and especially my fans. I just hate to let them down.’

The Hall of Famer could scrap his iconic hairstyle (Picture: WWE)

As well as not going back on his word, Rikishi also confirmed he won’t be scrapping his iconic hairdo just yet – although he’s something he’s ‘always wanted to do’.

‘My hair is high maintenance when I’m trying to keep it blonde all the time,’ he said. ‘For 27 years it has been that but, I think the day I see my hairline starts to go back, that’s when I’m gonna buzz it off.

‘But for now, you know, I’m still – knock on wood, I’m still good. My hairline is still flying. So yeah, I think I want to continue to rock the Rikishi blonde hair. That’s my signature!’

That didn’t stop fans thinking he’d gone bald last year, with one fan writing: ‘WWE legend Rikishi looking great with his new look 🤩,’ as another added: ‘Rikishi done transformed 😳👀’

Others weren’t quite so convinced though, with other people pointing out the differences between the two men.

‘There ain’t no way that’s Rikishi 😭😭,’ laughed one person, as someone else quipped: ‘Love how the discourse of the day is whether Rikishi is bald or not.’

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