Will Nightcrawler be in ‘X-Men ’97?’

Will Nightcrawler be in ‘X-Men ’97?’

X-Men ‘97 has done the impossible and united practically the entire Marvel fanbase. The show is a follow-up to X-Men: The Animated Series, showing the mutant team as they were meant to be seen.

Taking place after the events of the final season of the flagship show, X-Men ‘97 goes to work developing stories from the comics that had previously never found their way to viewers’ screens. Finally fans get to see the brith of Cable, who is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, The Goblin Queen. The series has also made quick work of showing Magneto and Rogue’s relationship, a dynamic borne out of the magnetism master’s ability to nullfying Rogue’s powers. 

All of these plots and more are up for grabs in the new series, making many start to wonder what classic X-Men characters will show up next. So far the classic team of Scott, Logan, and Storm are featured, along with other fan-favorites. But there are a wide range of other characters that fans hope will grace their screens soon. 

Where is Nightcrawler in X-Men ‘97?

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Nightcrawler has long been a classic character in X-Men canon. The son of fellow blue mutant, Mystique, Nightcrawler harnesses the power of teleportation in his bid to aid the X-Men. He also crystalizes the main thesis of X-Men due to his appearance. Not only his he a subject of prejudice because of his genetic mutation, but humanity also despises and fears him for his blue skin. There could not be a more obvious metaphor for racism in the world — a main theme that X-Men was built on.

Nightcrawler is a cherished part of X-Men canon and should be incorporated into the animated series. So where is he? There seems to be a finite amount of mutants at the X-Mansion where Nightcrawler should be taking refuge. However, fans shouldn’t worry themselves about their blue elf friend. The character has been confirmed to appear in the series, even if it hasn’t happened yet. 

Many key characters such as Mystique and Emma Frost have not shown up but will likely recur in the future, if the opening credits is any indication. Other characters have had brief appearances and portend to have bigger arcs. Already Storm has met Forge, a technology-based mutant who is included in her arc about losing her powers. Madelyne Pryor seems to have left town but she is such an integral character, that can’t be long. Nightcrawler will appear at some point during this new series, it’s just a matter of when.

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